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6" Hirose Right Angle to Hirose (4-pin) DC powering cable.

For Sound Devices 688, 664, 633, MixPre-10T, 302, 552, 744T, 722, 702, 702T, 788T, SQN, PSC ProMix 6, M4 mk2, M3 & AlphaMix, Wendt X5 & X3, Lectrosonics Quadpack, Zaxcom Nomad, Maxx and RX-12 powered by Battery Bud or other powering devices with 4-pin Hirose connections.


  • Length: 6"
  • Connector 1: Hirose 4-pin Right Angle
  • Connector 2: Hirose 4-pin
  • Right Angle with four set positions
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