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The Cedar Audio DNS 8 is a multi-channel dialogue noise suppressor designed specifically for live use by offering eight simultaneous channels of dialogue noise suppression

it hosts a new DNS algorithm boasting a simplified '2-knob' approach as well as a detailed editing mode that offers more flexibility and control than any previous dialogue noise suppressor. nonetheless, it retains the near-zero latency of its predecessors and, with its 4-pin 12VDC power socket and remote control capabilities, it's suitable for use in all live situations - not just live-to-air broadcasting, but also live sound
in venues such as theatres, concert halls, conferences venues, and places of worship.
The DnS 8 live operates by dividing incoming signals into a large number of spectral bands. Sophisticated filters analyse each of these and then suppress the noise independently in each channel. The innovative design of the filter bank eliminates the need to select the range of frequencies in which the unit will operate, and it is not necessary to adjust the amount of attenuation in individual bands unless you wish to do so.
Quality, speed and simplicity are paramount considerations in the DnS 8 live, which offers the following:

Near zero latency
a group delay of less than 10 samples (typically less than 1/200th of a frame) so there is no loss of lip-sync.

The ability to handle a wide range of noise suppression requirements.

Speed and ease of use
A carefully designed user-interface that maximises speed of use.

Audio interfaces
24-bit digital audio interfaces conforming to AES/EBU standards.

Universal mains power supply and 12VDC power
The ability to work anywhere in the world.

Powerful processors
The latest, high resolution floating-point processors to ensure that it will handle the most complex processing requirements.

Remote Control
The ability to monitor and adjust all audio processing parameters using a range of common web browsers.


  • Eight channels of dialogue noise suppression
  • The latest DNS algorithm and user interface
  • A detailed mode ideal for permanent installations
  • 1U rackmount with 90V-250V universal PSU and 12VDC input
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