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Cinela E-OSIX-4017B-H
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Cinela E-Osix microphone suspension with elliptic isolators for DPA 4017BS. Hard grade

The Cinela E-OSIX series is the "Elliptic" isolators version of their famous OSIX series. Elliptic isolators are smaller and smarter, with a wide range of elasticity grades and are very good for most mono situations.

There are two strength variations, a Soft grade and a Hard grade. The Soft grade is very good for quiet indoors with light foam. And the Hard grade is good for outoor situations with a furry windscreen.
  • indoor suspension, foam only, for DPA 4017BS
  • unique dampening system with unbreakable elliptic isolators
  • XLR connector and cabling built into the suspension
  • very lightweight
  • fitted with the SW-UL swivel, possible rotation of the XLR base, the XLR and plug-on TX can be under the boom, or on side as usual
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