MPN #WSC-Piano PIA-3S-SP    


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The PIA-3S Piano windshield for Double MS system is highly adapted to the DMS Schoeps CMIT + CCM8 + CCM4. Includes a double axis swivel, one suspension and one short pile fur cover

The PIA-3 can handle other microphones with proper suspension/wiring.

The CCM8 and CCM4 microphones are connected with detachable cords (male Binder + femelle on chassis).
PIA-3S: standard swivel, perfect for mono main usage.
WARNING: The PIA-3 is provided with a reinforced suspension to handle the three mikes together.
For the best compromise against handling noise, when shooting in mono or MS use, it is hardly advised to use the standard CMIT suspension (PIA-OSIX5-CMIT), more flexible.
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