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CL-Zi ia a compact inline unit using phantom power to add up to 25dB of ultra-clean gain, maximizing the clarity & strength of any microphone that does not use phantom power itself

The Cloudlifter Zi applies the same technology to instruments with high-impedance (Hi-Z) outputs, such as electric guitars, basses, low-output piezo pickups used with acoustic guitars, or vintage electro-mechanical Stage pianos that employ a passive output. Via the Neutrik XLR combo jack, it does double duty on instruments and mics: Plug your guitar or other instrument into the jack's ¼'' center, or use the XLR portion for a microphone. Then, connect the XLR output to a phantom-power-capable input on your mixer, preamp, or computer recording interface, and experience sound that's not merely louder, but better in every way that matters.

Like all Cloud products, the Cloudlifter Zi is handcrafted entirely in the USA using environmentally sustainable methods, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty upon product registration.


  • Variable input impedance from 150 ohms to 15k ohms, letting you load your microphone's output transfomer - or the Cinemag instrument transformer inside the Cloudlifter Zi - to create a range of tonal variations
  • Variable high-pass filtering that works in tandem with the variable impedance. When engaged, turning the impedance (Z) knob also sweeps the high-pass cutoff from below 20Hz to approximately 200Hz. This can reduce (or if desired, accentuate) microphone proximity effects, as well as eliminate unwanted boom and rumble from acoustic instruments or miked cabinets such as organ rotary speakers or guitar amps. The high-pass filter has a slope of 6dB per octave
  • Variable gain switch offering three levels of boost: +6dB, +12dB, and +25dB. For most applications the maximum setting is desirable. The two gentler options are offered for "hotter" source outputs (e.g. humbucker pickups) or for when you want to drive a preamp harder to hear more of its tonal character
  • Does not pass power to a connected microphone, so there is no risk of damaging sensitive ribbon mics
  • A ¼'' high-impedance "thru" output can pass your instrument's signal to a combo amp. Since this output is buffered, it can be used at the same time as the XLR output with none of the loading effects or tone loss associated with traditional direct boxes. This is ideal for both live performance and recording sessions where you want to track direct and miked-cabinet signals for later mixing
  • Uses patented, discrete, Class-A circuitry
  • Operates on phantom power from 24 to 48 volts
  • Ground lift switch, recessed to avoid accidental toggling
  • Rugged, road-ready build quality
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