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Comtek BST 75-216

This versatile transmitter is simple to use, yet it has sophisticated features such as "Flash Memory" synthesized channel programmability with a manual, 10-channel select switch.

A unique multi-function RF indicator detects bad antenna load, RF presence, and coaxial cable open condition for quick and easy troubleshooting. To accommodate a greater variety of receivers, the BST 75-216 can operate with non-companded receivers or with companded receivers for higher fidelity sound reproduction. A practical, compact, all-metal enclosure is suitable for permanent rack-mount installations or for stand-alone portable use.

The BST 75-216 is available with three different EQ setting options:
BST 75-216 P = Pro Audio EQ with all 10 channels using the wide band compounded channels for use with the PR-216 receiver only. Offers extended low end frequency response.

BST 75-216 CW = Communication version with all 10 channels using the wide band compounded channels with the standard EQ. For use with the PR-216 receiver only.

BST 75-216 CWN = Communication version with 5 channels using the wide band compounded channels for use with the PR-216 receiver and 5 channels using the narrow band non-companded channels for use with the Phonak Invisity receivers. Both channel groups use the standard EQ.
  • Full Fidelity Frequency Response
  • Perfect for Sound Carts
  • Compact Design
  • Easy Setup and Installation
  • User Selectable RF Output Power Level
  • Specifications
    Audio Inputs:
    XLR-3F balanced line input (+20 dBm max)
    1/4 " mono plug input (+5 dBm max) or two wire electret microphone input with internal bias voltage.

    XLR-3F Combo with 1/4" phone jack
    Barrel type 5.5mm x 2.1mm power jack DC
    BNC type RF output

    Short Loaded BNC whip antenna
    BNC RF output connector for optional external antenna

    Power Requirements:
    12 Volts DC, 200 mA max

    Frequency Response:
    100 Hz TO 10 kHz

    Audio Distortion:
    Less than 1% at 80% modulation

    Audio Gain Control:
    Limited to 20 dB

    RF Output Power:
    100 mW (Max for FCC Part 95)

    Audio Precessing:
    Companded and non-companded to accommodate a variety of receivers

    Frequency Modulation:
    10 kHz deviation companded
    5 kHz deviation non-companded (for all-in-ear receivers)

    3.75" W x 1.625" H x 5.25" D

    17 oz.
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    Additional information
    For more information about the BST 75-216, please visit the website of Comtek
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