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Comtek M-216 Option P7

The M-216 Option P7 is the perfect on-the-go field transmitter offering directors, crew, and client reliable and superior sounding wireless program monitoring.

For use with the PR-216 or PR-216 Option 7 wireless receivers, this portable, battery powered transmitter is built to withstand the most demanding needs of location sound monitoring. Equipped with a flexible short whip antenna, the M-216 Option P7 offers superior RF transmission and a greater operating range. It has an adjustable dain control an a single LED VU meter that offers a quick visual reference to indicate audio input level. The optional MBS-216 Mounting-Bracket Stand is an ideal way to conveniently position the transmitter and maintain a vertical antenna position. Built with performance in mind, the M-216 Option P7 provides the quality and dependability required by top sound mixers!
  • Greater Operating Range
  • Rugged, Short Whip Antenna
  • Extended Frequency Response
  • Specifications
    Audio Input:
    Aux/Line input impedance - 10k ohm at 0 dB nominal

    Auxiliary - Mini 3.5 mm Stereo
    Audio - Tip and Sleeve
    Battery Charging - tip and Sleeve
    External 9V power - Ring and Sleeve

    Controls and Indicators:
    Power On/Off switch
    Synthesized channel selection switches
    Audio input gain control
    Power/Battery test and voice level indicator

    Antenna System:
    BNC short loaded whip antenna

    Frequency Response:
    80 Hz to 10 kHz

    5 kHz deviation Ch. 1-40 (non-companded)
    10 kHz deviation Ch. 41-60 companded

    RF Power Output:
    10 mW to the antenna system

    Out-of-Band Emissions:
    Better than 45 dB below carrier

    Current Drain:
    17 mA constant current

    4 ounces (110 grams)

    9 V alkaline for up to 35 hours of operation
    9 V Nickel-Metal Hydride rechargeable for up to 15 hours of operation

    1 1/6" x 2 1/2" x 3 1/4" (27 mm x 57 mm x 83 mm)

    M-216 Option P7 Includes:
    BC-216 belt clip
    CB-36 XLRF aux input cable with RF isolation
    SLW-216 loaded flexible helical antenna with BNC connector
    C-216 carrying case
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    Additional information
    For more information about the M-216 Option P7, please visit the website of Comtek
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