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Comtek PR-216


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The PR-216 is our highest fidelity, professional quality, personal monitor receiver designed to work with the M-216, M-216 Option P7, BST 25-216, and BST 75-216 series transmitters

This versatile receiver tunes COMTEK's high fidelity compounded channels for program monitoring applications as well as standard non-companded, narrow-band channels for speciality applications such as time code links. It is digitally synthesized and frequency agile for easy multi-channel operation. This receiver is user-friendly, compact, and extremely rugged. Plus, the use of high efficiency, low power consumption microcircuits and advanced digital and analog technologies ensures superior audio performance and outstanding reliability.
  • Full Fidelity Frequency Response
  • Automatic Audio Processing
  • High Audio Output Power
  • Multi-Channel Compatible
  • Rugged and Durable Design
  • Audio Output:
    Headset output +16 dBu (low impedance)

    Stereo/mono 3.5 mm audio output connector

    LED Power/Battery indicator

    Power On/Off switch
    Volume control (50 dB range)
    99-position rotary channel selector switches

    Audio Frequency Response:
    80 Hz to 12 kHz

    Harmonic Distortion:
    Less than 1% (80% modulation)

    Operating Radio Frequency:
    216-217 MHz

    Frequency Stability:
    0.002% frequency synthesized crystal controlled

    RF Sensitivity:
    0.5 uV for 12 dB SINAD

    Adjacent Channel Rejection:
    65 dB 50 kHz off-channel

    Spurious Rejection:
    60 dB (image excluded)

    Ultimate Quieting:
    Better than 95 dB Companded Channels

    Deviation Acceptance:
    Up to 10 kHz

    Integral with output cable

    Current Drain:
    15 mA nominal

    Power Requirements:
    9 volt alkaline battery or rechargeable nickel metal hydride

    1 1/6" x 2 1/2" x 3 1/4" (27 mm x 57 mm x 83 mm)
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