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Mastering Reference 5.1 D to A Conversion with AES, SPDIF, ADAT and Stereo Optical Input Source Switching

The Dangerous Music DAC-SR is the most versatile monitor control system on the market.

  • Add up to 4 additional functions to your ST or ST/SR rig
  • Video switching, D/A conversion and more
  • All controlled directly from the ST remote

  • The Cure for Planned Obsolescence
    As mixing boards go the way of tape machines in many control rooms dependable monitor control and input switching become the most critical part of any studio set-up. Every decision made is based on what you hear, or what you don't hear, through the monitor system. In today's professional control rooms quality monitor control means a great sounding, uncolored signal path with immediate and intuitive control. A flexible upgrade path would be nice...
    The best has just gotten better. With the Dangerous Additional Switching System you can customize the nerve center of your studio to your liking, on your schedule. From stereo to 5.1 surround, to video switching and digital conversion capabilities the A.S.S. kicks. Together with Monitor ST and SR it makes up the most comprehensive monitor controller system ever available.

  • Fully modular system-Expandable on demand
  • Add up to 2 banks of 2 options each
  • Many additional functions with custom options

  • The Dangerous DAC-ST delivers superbly accurate D to A conversion, instantly accessed from Monitor ST. Integrated digital source switching allows you to monitor all digital sources through the same converter, which is crucial for critical listening, confidence monitoring and level matching. The DAC-ST takes the guesswork out of your digital monitoring tasks. Now it's easy to compare your mix to any reference without factoring in differences in level and sound quality that are present when using several external converters. All 4 rear panel digital inputs accept AES or SPDIF formats and have active Thru outputs for routing these input signals to other devices. Best of all, when you need to quickly hook up external units like beat boxes or keyboards that have a SPDIF output, the front panel dedicated SPDIF input saves you having to crawl behind your rack which a flashlight between your teeth. Being a truly professional system, DAC-ST can be calibrated to match your chosen studio reference level.

  • 4 Inputs with Thru Outputs
  • 32 kHz-192 kHz lock range

    Front Panel Features & Benefits

    Involved with music for television, film scoring or broadcast sound Undoubtedly you own as many video sources as audio. The Uniswitch provides instantaneous switching between multiple video sources, all controlled from the versatile Dangerous Remote. The Uniswitch integrates with any Gefen RS232 four input video switcher to control any RS232 device; HDMI, DVI, KVM... In fact, the techs at Dangerous Music can customize the Uniswitch to control ANY RS232 device. From Studer Tape Machines to Routers to Lighting... Video and audio elegance from Dangerous Music.
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