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Dangerous Music
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Dangerous Music Monitor ST

  • The Dangerous Monitor ST is a remote-control accessed input source switcher/speaker switcher/cue system/talkback system /headphone amplifier all in a one rack space package.

  • Configure and control your entire system from the comfort of your sweet spot.

  • Featuring:
    1.Analog stepped-attenuator volume control. No level control IC's used ? pristine, accurate and repeatable.
    2. 4 input sources. Switch between your DAW outputs, DVD player, CD player, tape machines, etc.
    3. 3 speaker outputs. Switch between up to 3 sets of monitors
    4. Programmable input gain offsets. Adjust for and store level offsets for different source devices
    5. Input level compensation for ?10dBV and +4dBu sources. Instantly adjust and store gain compensation for consumer devices
    6. Input 4 has continuously variable level offset. Compensate for commercial CD levels and perform true A/B comparisons without compromising sound quality.
    7. Programmable output level offsets. Fine-tune and store offsets to achieve equal apparent loudness on all your control room speakers- SR unit has continually variable level trims for L-R rear, center and LFE.
    8. Assignable subwoofer output. Choose and store which sets of speakers you want to use with your sub
    9. Programmable subwoofer level offset. Adjust and store subwoofer levels, easily alternate between sub function and LFE function
    10. Selectable subwoofer filtering. Select and store subwoofer filter options for each set of speakers. Switch between full bandwidth for surround mixing and bottom octave only for stereo work.
    11. Comprehensive speaker Mute and Solo. Easily mute and solo speakers in any combination
    12. Flexible stereo cue system with main and auxiliary inputs. Make your performers happy with a great headphone mix or use the aux input as a Beep channel to monitor computer alert tones or click tracks on the main speakers.
    13. Onboard cue power amp. 40 watts of clean power for your headphones
    14. Talkback system with dual control and dedicated slate output. Give the producer his own talkback button! Easily slate tracks, or send the slate output to a powered speaker for open-air talkback
    15. SR unit has selected source output. Send source signals to meters or any other external device

    Gain Tracking Accuracy: better than 0.05dB for 6 channels
    THD+N: 0.002%
    IMD: 0.003%
    Frequency Response: 1Hz-100kHz -0.1dB
    Crosstalk Rejection: >96dB
    Nominal Input Level: +4dBu or -10dBV
    Crossover: -3dB @ 57Hz 18dB/octave modified Butterworth/Chebyshev
    Headphone amp: 0.002% THD+N
    Headroom: +25dBu to main outputs

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