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Inline power isolator with Hirose connections

This innovative product is designed to work seamlessly with Hirose 4-Pin port-compatible powered devices, providing a ground-isolated power connection to help remove or reduce ground hum, hiss or whine in your audio equipment.

The SPD-HRISO is compatible with a wide range of audio equipment, including the Audio Root eSmart BG-DU and eSmart BG-DU-REG, the Audio Root vmDBOX-HRS, the Sound Devices MX-HIROSE DC Input Sled, the Sound Devices 633, 664, and 688, the Sound Devices A10-RX A-TA3 Adapter, the Sound Devices A10-RX A-XLR, the Wisycom MCR54 End Plate, the Zaxcom Nova and Nova 2, the Zaxcom Deva 24, the Zoom F8, F8n, and F8n Po, and the Zoom F4. This means you can use it with the equipment you already own without needing additional adapters or converters.

With its 4-Pin Push-Power design, the SPD-HRISO is easy to use and provides a secure connection for your equipment. The ground-isolated 4-Pin Push-Power connector helps to eliminate unwanted noise and interference, ensuring that your audio is clean and clear.

In summary, The SPD-HRISO is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a solution to power whine and hum in their Hirose 4-Pin port-compatible audio equipment. Its compatibility with a wide range of devices, easy-to-use design, and ground-isolated power connector makes it a must-have accessory for any audio professional.
This Hirose 4-Pin port-compatible cable is capable of working with the following;

Audio Root eSmart BG-DU, eSmart BG-DU-REG
Audio Root vmDBOX-HRS
Deity SPD-1
Sound Devices MX-HIROSE DC Input Sled
Sound Devices 633, 664, 688
Sound Devices A10-RX A-TA3 Adapter, A10-RX A-XLR
Wisycom MCR54 End Plate
Zaxcom Nova, Nova 2
Zaxcom Deva 24
Zoom F4
Zoom F8, F8n, F8n Po
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