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Demeter Amplification VTMP-2C Microphone Preamplifier
For over two decades and in thousands of recordings, Demeter microphone preamplifiers have set the standard for excellence in sound quality. Now in their third generation, the best microphone preamps in the world are even better. The VTMP-2C Microphone Preamplifier brings out the best in your microphone collection with a clarity, warmth and depth you never realized was possible. The two channel unit is completely tube-based for a distinctively warm, but clean and quiet sound. It is designed to give the recording studio the unsurpassed sound of tube amplification in a package that is convenient to operate and easy to interface with modern consoles and recorders.

The VTMP-2C Microphone Preamp is priced extremely competitively compared to other tube preamplifiers, but maintains the highest degree of quality. Top producers and engineers have come to rely on the VTMP-2C for its incredible resolution of bass, the way vocals produced on it fit so beautifully in the mix, and the almost unlimited other uses it excels in. The VTMP-2C is typically used to bypass the mixing console preamps to provide the shortest possible signal path from microphone to tape. This delivers a tremendous increase in fidelity in applications ranging from professional digital multi-track to project recording studios.

In 1985 the VTMP-2 was the only tube microphone preamplifier in production. Its design included many firsts that are now commonly found on other microphone preamplifiers, such as instrument inputs, solid-state regulated supplies, variable tube gain and audiophile specifications to name a few. It set the benchmark for those to come. It was the first tube microphone preamplifier nominated for a TEC award.

Thousands are still in use by some of the best artists, producers, and studios in the world. This is the microphone preamplifier you have already heard. Used by artists such as Sting, Alanis Morisette, Suzanne Vega, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Ry Cooder, Stone Temple Pilots, John Hiatt, Seal, and producers such as Hugh Padgham, Pete Anderson, Walter Becker, Joe Chiccarelli, Glen Ballard and thousands of others.

We decided to celebrate its twentieth anniversary with a limited edition hand-built unit, using the original main and power PCB's in a new chassis and new input boards. The unit has the same unsurpassed sound as the original but with added features such as a two stage low cut, continuously variable gain, greater gain range (30 to 65dB), LED VU meters, new Jensen microphone transformers and active balanced outputs. Each unit will be tested, signed, and numbered by the designer, James Demeter.

The two-channel VTMP-2C uses classic tube design supported by the finest in modern components: Jensen 110KHPC input transformers, polypropylene capacitors, metal film resistors. The power supply features full regulation of the B+ voltage (250V) and the filament voltage (12.6V) for low noise and quick response. Each independent channel of the preamplifier has a variable gain control (30 to 60dB), phase switch, two position low cut switch, 20dB microphone pad, fader, phantom switch and indicator, LED VU meter with selectable modes (dBu or peak; user can change sensitivity), 3-pin microphone input, 1/4" instrument input unbalanced low, impedance all tube output, balanced outputs TRS and three pin (Burr Brown DRV 134) and an LED overload indicator.
  • Input impedance: 1kohms microphone 1megohm instrument
  • Output impedance: 100ohms unbalanced tube out
  • 50ohms balanced by Burr Brown DRV 134
  • Total harmonic distortion (measured @ 30dB gain with - 30dB in): less than .02 @ 1kHz
  • Bandwidth: 20Hz to 20kHz +/- .3dB
  • Signal to noise ratio: -125 EIN
  • Gain (microphone input): Variable 30 to 65dB
  • Maximum output: + 29dBu @ 600ohms
  • Input Transformers: Jensen 110KHPC
  • Tubes: 2 - 12AX7a, 1 - 12AT7a, 2 - 12BH7a
  • Outputs: TRS, XLR & 1/4"
  • Inputs: XLR & 1/4"
  • Dimensions: 3 1/2" x 19" x 12"
  • Operating voltage: 115/230V AC selectable
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