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Handheld MADI signal analyser and generator

ANNA-LISA is a compact, handheld MADI analysis tool and signal generator for MADI.
Battery powered, it is an essential tool for engineers in broadcast facilities, OB vehicles, touring PA systems working with MADI. results are displayed via LEDs on the front of the device allowing engineers to rapidly confirm the integrity of MADI signals of all types, and to identify any problems occurring as a result of MADI transmission.

Remote software delivers access to extended analysis and configuration of test signals, broadening the application to systems engineering and product development labs.

Foolproof operation
A single button is used to step through a sequence of parameter checks. The results are displayed using a "traffic light" system: a red (fail), yellow (OK, but marginal) or green (good) LED illuminates to provide a clear and immediate indication of the selected signal parameter.

Comprehensive analysis
AES10 conformity
Sample rate
MADI format (channel, frame)
Signal amplitude
Signal level and Jitter combined
For even more detailed analysis and configuration options, the device may be connected via Bluetooth to a mobile device running ANNA-LISA Remote.

ANNA-LISA Remote (ANDROID) offers access to more features:
Level metering
AES3 channel status read out
Channel based routing
Channel based gain control
Extended control of signal generator

Signal generator
Standard MADI streams can be configured on the device itself. Four presets store detailed settings for signal sources (white/pink noise, sine wave, musical test tone, input signal), gains and MADI settings.

Multiple connection options
ANNA-LISA provides a coaxial BNC and an SFP MADI port. The latter can be equipped with a variety of SFP modules depending on the application. The MADI outputs are independently configurable and can pass through either input. A USB port allows for battery charging and firmware updates. A Bluetooth module enables connection to mobile devices running the remote software (ANDROID?).
MADI ports (I/O): 1 x coaxial BNC, 75 ?
1 x SFP (empty cage without module)

Sample rates: 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz (+/- 12,5%)
MADI formats: 48k / 96k Frame, 56 / 64 channel, S/MUX

Bluetooth: v2.0+EDR support
Remote Software: ANNA-LISA Remote for ANDROID?
Remote Methods: Bluetooth

Power supply: battery powered - rechargeable via USB
Dimensions: Width 120 mm
Height 90 mm
Depth 28 mm
Weight: about 0.2 kg

SFP modules (LC single-mode or multi-mode) Transport case
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