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Dorrough 40-A (Racked Pair)
The 40-A has a scale showing 14 dB headroom in 1dB steps from 14 to -25.

The 40-A series Loudness Meters are considered the standard models with built-in power supplies. They are the large ARC-Style, three color LED display single channel meters.

The Remote Control (RW-100) is now available for these units and will access the functions of phase correlation display, peak hold, sum/diff, and activate a reference mode allowing for accurate 0 setting within .1dB. A red LED notification alarm is present on the front of the unit.

For Models 40-A, 10-A, 20-A, 12-A, 240-A, 280-A, 380-A, 400-A.

Input Parameters
Input Z : 20k Ohm balanced, 10k Ohm single-ended, /- 2%
¤ CMRR : 80 dB at 60 Hz, 60 dB at 20 kHz (balanced mode)
¤ Input Sensitivity : -10 dB for full-scale display
¤ Maximum Input Level : 24 dB before clipping

Signal Path Parameters
¤ Signal Path Bandwidth : 10 Hz - 25 kHz, /- .25 dB
¤ Signal Path Distortion : Less than 1% THD at 1 kHz, 24 dB input
¤ Sum Error : Less than 0.1 dB at 1 kHz
¤ Difference Error : Less than 0.1 dB at 1 kHz

Display Parameters (All parameters apply to AVERAGE, PEAK, and PEAK HOLD display elements.)
¤ Display Resolution : 40 LEDs, 1 dB/LED except model 60D, /- 0.25 dB.
¤ Step Size Error : /- 0.25 dB
¤ Absolute Error :
- Full Scale -39 dBu : /- 0.25 dB model A,B,C
- Full Scale -59 dBu : /- 0.25 dB model D
¤ Drift : /- 0.25 dB
¤ Average Time Constant : 600 mS, /- 6%
¤ Peak Acquistion Period : 10 uS, to full-scale, sine input 25kHz
¤ Peak Attack Period : Virtually Instantaneous
¤ Peak Decay Period : 180 mS, from full-scale to all LEDs off (models A, B, C)
¤ Display Update Rate : Approximately 10 mS
¤ Display Duty Cycle : Display Time, AVERAGE, PEAK HOLD - 75%
Display Time, PEAK - 100%

Miscellaneous Parameters
¤ Power Supply Input Range : 117/237 VAC RMS, -20% to 10%, 50-60 Hz
¤ Calibration Controls : None needed
¤ User Controls :
Left/Right input sensitivity
Option DIP Switch
A) Peak Auto [ON]
B) Difference Mode [ON/OFF]
C) Over Level Alarm [ENABLE]
D) Under Level Alarm [ENABLE]
E) Auto ARMP
¤ User Port :
DB-9 Connector
A) Alarm relay closure contacts 1 form C, 1A, 30V AC or DC
B) Mode control switch (user supplied)
C) PEAK function switch (user supplied)
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For more information about the 40-A (Racked Pair), please visit the the website of Dorrough
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