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Studio main systems with quad-amped, dual 12" ESOTAR woofers, dual 6" midrange drivers, 1.1" ESOTAR soft-dome tweeter, aluminum voice coil - Includes 2x M3XE + 2x PLM 12k44 power amp

Each speaker is powered by a four channel PLM 12k44 amplifier from Lab. Gruppen.

With the newest and most pristine Dynaudio ESOTAR² driver technology, M3XE takes over where most other monitor systems give up. With unsurpassed attention to detail, underpinned by an impressive 22Hz - 21kHz frequency response and beyond 135dB SPL, M3XE leaves no room for desire in terms of resolution, range or sheer power.

Different from its sister monitor M3VE, a set of M3XE's is powered by not one, but two 12k44 Lab.gruppen amplifiers, using the integrated Lake active cross-over processing as well as powering the HF, MF and dual LF woofers by the four independent amplifier channels of the 12k44.

In short, M3XE surpasses any and all main monitor expectations!

The cutting-edge combination of Lab. Gruppen and Lake processing technology forms the ultimate backing for M3XE and ensures unlimited power and the tools for optimizing any room to become the perfect listening environment.
  • Unique linear phase frequency response
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 22kHz
  • Dual 12" ESOTAR Woofers, aluminum voice coil
  • Dual 6" Midrange drivers, MSP cone, 75mm aluminum voice coil
  • 1.1" (28mm) ESOTAR² Soft-dome tweeter, aluminum voice coil
  • Max. SPL (short term peak @ 1m): 133 SPL
  • Heavy internal damping for minimum cabinet resonance
  • System:
    3-way Active Main Monitor

    Frequency Response (+/- 3 dB):
    22 Hz - 21 kHz

    Peak SPL 1m, pair (IEC Short Term):
    > 135 dB peak

    Resonance Frequency:
    24 Hz

    Internal Cabinet Volume:
    145 liters

    Bass Principle:
    Bass reflex

    1 Lab-gruppen PLM10000Q (pr. speaker). Preset: M3XE V06

    Esotar² 28 mm soft dome Magnetic fluid, Metal rear chamber, Pure alu wire voice coil, 4 mm die-cast alu front, Neodym magnet material

    15 cm with 75 mm diameter pure alu wire voice coil, MSP-cone, long stroke

    Esotar 30 cm with 75 mm diameter pure cupper wire voice-coil, MSP-cone, long stroke

    65 kg.

    Dimensions (WxHxL):
    555 x 775 x 505 mm

    25 mm MDF. Strategically braced and damped. Low turbulence reflex-ports. Separate chambers for each woofer.

    All 4 channels: Active dsp-based in-amp Lake processor. Each channel has impedance-correction providing the best working conditions for the ampflifier.

    Technical Specifications - 12k44

    Number of amplifier channels:
    Max out Power per Channel (4 ohms, all channels driven):
    3000 W

    THD + N at 1 kHz and 1 dB below clipping:
    < 0.04 %

    Dynamic Range:
    > 114 dB

    Channel separation (Crosstalk) at 1 kHz:
    > 70 dB

    Analog, AES/EBU & Dante

    Analog Input Sample Rate / Resolution:
    96 kHz / 24 bit

    16.5 kg (36 lbs)

    Dimensions (WxHxD):
    483 mm (19"), H: 88 mm (2 U), D: 424 mm (16")
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