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Sorry, the product EastWest Voices of Passion is not available anymore on Studio Economik's website

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The East West Quantum Leap Voices of Passion collection features five amazing female vocalists from from Wales, Syria, India, Bulgaria and America, performing ethereal, flowing vowels, whispers, wails, phrases, calls, and words, as well as breath noises. These striking and mysterious sounds are perfect for use in television, film, and musical applications, and include several pitch and style variations such as legato, staccato, vibrato, non-vibrato, and delayed vibrato. Composers and New Age artists in particular will appreciate the distinctive Voices of Passion collection.
  • Approximately 8 gigabytes of vocals
  • Female Vocalists from Wales, Syria, India, Bulgaria, and America
  • Over 1000 ethnic phrases
  • Phrase generator for Welsh vocals
  • Expressive samples, non vibrato, delayed vibrato
  • Ethereal style, breathy vocals, New Age vocal performances, staccato, and swells

  • The East West Quantum Leap Voices of Passion collection gives you amazing female vocal samples!
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