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Electrodyne Summing Station


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The Electrodyne Summing Station sounds truly stunning thanks to Electrodyne designed transformers letting you choose between a vintage warm sound or a tight & punchy modern sound

Despite its deceptively small footprint, the Summing Station also houses a very comprehensive and pristine monitoring section which includes a choice of Main and Alt monitors as well as four different input sources including Mix, Artist Cue over XLR and external players over 1/8" mobile device input. A Control Room listen lets artists hear control room sources for playback and rehearsals while a talkback microphone is included for communication between engineer and artists.

As a complement to the Electrodyne 501 and 511 500 series preamp and EQ modules, the Electrodyne Summing Station adds another dimension in recreating the mojo of Electrodyne consoles that were instrumental to the sound of Motown and Stax Studios and Sound City in the 60's and 70's.
  • Complete True Large-Format analogue summing bus with stereo insert
  • Essential Studio Control Room monitoring features
  • Artist Cue/Talkback
  • High-power headphone Amp
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