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The Endless Analog CLASP (Closed Loop Analog Signal Processor) let you record on analog tape with digital controls. The best of the two worlds. (16 channel version)

The Endless Analog CLASP 16 brings the legendary sound of real analog tape to the modern DAW workflow by seamlessly integrating your tape machine into your DAW setup. Now you can record to tape and get the sound you love without waiting for transfers, lynx boxes, or SMPTE. CLASP gives your tape machine computer-control, all the while maintaining the speed and flexibility of a DAW. Best of all, CLASP delivers what is technically impossible using a DAW alone; real-time analog monitoring with zero-latency through a mastering grade audio signal path.

CLASP consists of mastering-grade hardware and rock-solid control software

Analog auto-router with zero-loss and zero latency
Tape machine remote emulator - works with virtually any professional analog tape machine that has a remote connection
Master control plug-in to coordinate delay compensation, tape track arming and tape transport
Supports Mac and PC, Pro Tools, Nuendo, and Cubase

How do I use it
CLASP hardware installs between your mic pres, DAW, and tape machine, typically accessible through your patch bay. CLASP is compatible with Pro Tools HD, Logic and Nuendo, providing 24 tracks of recording. The CLASP software suite includes versions for RTAS, AU, & VST. Once installed, simply set up a recording session inside your DAW, initialize synchronization of your analog recorder to your DAW with CLASP, and you are ready to record. Daisy chain up to three CLASP hardware interfaces and synchronize three analog recorders for a total of 72 channels of recording. Use with a 16 or 8 track for tracking sessions or even a 2 track for overdubs. Combine different machines and tape speeds for different tones. With the CLASP the possibilities are endless. Record, listen, and enjoy.


  • 16 channels (expandable to 24) of mastering-grade hardware with analog auto-router and zero loss signal path
  • CLASP Bridge software-plug-in allows for complete control of tape machine from inside the DAW including:
  • Coordinating delay compensation
  • Tape track arming status
  • Tape transport status including play, record, rewind, and stop
  • Sample accurate tape-synchronization using SST, Sample Synchronization Technology
  • A/D latency conversion
  • Tape time counter
  • Auto input-monitor switching
  • Repro-only monitoring option
  • Direct record mode
  • Machine online/offline hotkey
  • Arm/disarm all tracks hotkey
  • Multiple tape machine sync memory
  • Wow and Flutter compensation
  • Large size tape reel support
  • Auto standby power saving mode
  • CLASP Machine Matrix-ready
  • Daisy chain up to 3 CLASP systems for 72 channels of tape
  • Saves Tape

  • Functionaity:
  • Expandable card slot allows future expansion up to 24 channels
  • Mastering-grade audio signal path
  • Pro Tools quick punch on tape with no latency
  • Record up to 3 different tape speeds within same session sample accurately using same reel of tape
  • Overdub and punch for up to an hour without rewinding
  • Latency free analog monitoring with Pro Tools through mastering-grade signal path
  • Plug-in controlled a/b tape vs. DAW for getting sounds dialed in
  • Provides Vintage decks with auto locate via an optical sensor
  • Compensates and corrects Pro Tools A/D latency insuring sample accurate tracks
  • Tape is worn evenly so the tape lasts longer vs. tape shuttling back and forth
  • Completely eliminates tape print through
  • Record an albums' worth, or several albums worth of material using 1 reel of tape
  • Daisy chain up 3 CLASP 16 systems for up to 72 tracks of tape 10X faster and easier than using any synchronizer while maintaing sample accurate tracks

  • Supported Tape Machines:
  • 3M M79
  • Ampex ATR 102
  • Ampex ATR 124
  • Ampex MM1200
  • MCI JH Series
  • Otari MTR Series
  • Otari MX 5050
  • Otari MX 55
  • Otari MX 80
  • Scully 280
  • Sony APR-24
  • Studer 800
  • Studer A80
  • Studer A807
  • Studer A820
  • Studer A827
  • Studer C37
  • Studer J37
  • Tascam
  • Specifications

    System Requirements
  • Pro Tools version 7.3 or higher, including PT 10
  • Pro Tools LE, HD or HD Native.
  • Nuendo Mac and PC
  • Cubase Mac and PC
  • See product options selector above for a full list of tape machines
  • Analog console or analog summing mixer with level and pan control is recommended
  • A/D, D/A converters- CLASP uses your existing converters

  • CLASP 16
  • Power cable
  • M-Audio MIDI Sport 4X4 or 2X2, non-anniversary addition-included with purchase
  • USB Cable
  • Tape Machine Control Cable(s)
  • Custom Registration code to access software package and online manual
  • Optical Sensor Kit (optional)
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