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32 in / 32 out AD/DA converter with Dante, ADAT, coaxial and single mode optical MADI

Networked audio nexus.
The A32 Dante brings our flagship into the Dante network: All interfaces, whether analog, MADI or ADAT, are brought using the integrated routing matrix in the Dante network. Of course, all features of the A32 are still available.

The A32 Dante is not just a converter " it?s also the ultimate problem solver thanks to its incredible flexibility. Overall, the A32 Dante processes 384 channels, all highly integrated into a 1HU rack unit. Enumerating all the configurations of the A32 Dante is almost impossible: in addition to the 32 x 32 studio-grade balanced analog inputs and outputs up to 192kHz, there are four ADAT I/O, two MADI I/O ports, and of course Dante, brought out redundant on two RJ45 jacks. Everything freely freely routable in groups of 8 channels each.

Clarity and operational reliability has first priority: Both Dante and MADI are laid out redundant, an essential feature for live operation! Of course, a second power supply can be connected, and thanks to the four TFT screens, the user always has full control.

Packed into a compact 1HU, the highly integrated converter is equipped with 32 x 32 balanced analog channels, brought out on 8 D-SUB connectors. They deliver studio levels up to +20dBu, individually adjustable in 1dB steps. The sophisticated design, using low latency Cirrus Logic converters, accompanied with a temperature-compensated clock and jitter reduction PLL, guarantees best crystal clear sound up to 192kHz.

Even operation of the A32 Dante is done without any compromise, almost self explaining, as with all our products: A total of four TFT screens show the levels of all 64 channels, it can?t be done better. Controlling the unit also benefits from the screens: a sophisticated help system built into the device provides context-sensitive help for the selected function at all times. Control on the PC is of course also possible via USB, MIDI or MIDI over MADI.

The headphone can be connected to any analog or digital input or output: ideal for control or monitoring. For complex tasks, a mix especially for the headphones can be created using all available channels, and stored in up to seven mix presets.

All in. Ultimate high density smart converter. 384 channels " at your fingertips.

Dante Plug & Play
Integrate the A32 Dante seamlessly into your Dante network. Just plug it in and the device is visible on the network and ready to be routed freely using the Dante Controller software. Together with the Dante Virtual Soundcard, also from Audinate, the A32 Dante turns into a universal audio interface.

4 x TFT Display with Smart Control
Keep track of all 64 analog channels at any time: Everything is shows clearly on the four TFT screens. Also other screens show the status of the Dante interface, as well as the levels of all digital channels, easy to always keep track of whats happening. Status information and all functions are presented clearly and intuitively, so no need to consult the manual anymore. A sophisticated context-sensitive help function shows additional information about the current selection.

Internal Routing Matrix
All 192 x 192 analog and digital channels of the A32 Dante are brought together in groups of 8 using the internal routing matrix. For easy monitoring, any channel, mono or stereo, can be selected for headphone output. For more complex tasks, up to 7 submixes can be created and recalled for the headphones.

High Performance DSP
The Analog Devices Sharc DSP processor is optimized for audio processing. In the A32 Dante it is used for routing, mixing and effects of all channels. The architecture with 2 cores at 400MHz and floating-point unit allows the parallel processing of all audio data in highest precision.

Redundant Power Supply
For reliability, the A32 Dante can be powered by two power supplies. Both power supplies are permanently monitored, and switched without interruption in case of failure. Warning message is shown on the screen to be able to react on this failure.

Flexible Remote Control
A comprehensive remote software for PC and MAC is available to control the A32 Dante. In addition to USB, the A32 Dante can also be connected via MIDI and MIDI over MADI. All Ferrofish devices are automatically detected and listed in the software.

ATTENTION: This model contains a optical MADI transceiver in SINGLE MODE configuration. Only buy if you are sure that your other models are SINGLE MODE compatible. Most MADI equipment on the market uses optical MADI transceivers in SINGLE MODE configuration.
4 x 4 D-Sub25
8 analog channels on each D-Sub25
TASCAM pin-format, max 192kHz
Gain/Levels: -8dBu...+20 dBu (1dB steps).

MADI I/O: BNC + Optical SC
The coaxial I/O allows cable lengths of up to 100 m.
The optical I/O features a Singlemode SC connector.

USB Type-B
For firmware updates, plugin installation and remote control from a host computer. The A32 Dante appears as a MIDI device.

Each ADAT port transfers eight channels at a sample rate of 48kHz (= 32 In + 32 Out). ADAT port 4 is switchable to optical S/PDIF format.

Dante Network I/O (redundant)
Two RJ-45 ports connect to any Dante audio network. Simply connect a LAN Ethernet cable (CAT5/CAT6) to the primary port. The secondary port takes automatically over in case of a network error (Dante Port Redundancy).

Monitoring of every stereo/mono I/O or one of 7 submixes via an additional stereo DAC.

Word Clock I/O
BNC with 75 Ohm
internal termination.
On/Off via display.

For Remote Control and

Redundant Power Supply
Ground-loop free, coaxial DC connector with secure, stable and relaible screw-lock. One PSU is included. The affordable replacement power supplies are available from any Ferrofish distributor.
Dante I/O
2 x RJ-45 Ethernet connector (CAT5/6 cables),
64 x 64 channel Brooklyn II board built-in.

Optical (singlemode) + Coaxial interface
64 channels @32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
32 channels @64kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz
32 channels @128kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz*

* both MADI ports work independently to achieve full 32+32 channel transmission

Support of MIDI over MADI.
Latency: 3 samples
Redundancy: Automatic switching between optical <-> coax MADI when signal lost.

Analog Inputs (AD)
4 x CS5368 (Cirrus Logic)
4 x DSub25 / Tascam

Analog switches: +20dBu, +13dBu, +4dBu
Digital gain: +20dBu ... -8 dBu, 1dB steps

@48kHz: 12/fs, 0.25ms,
@96kHz: 9/fs, 0.09ms,
@192kHz: 5/fs, 0.03ms

RC4580 + OPA1664

Level indicator
TFT screen, 28 levels

Analog Outputs (DA)
4 x CS4385 (Cirrus Logic)
4 x DSub25 / Tascam
Analog switches: +20dBu, +13dBu, +4dBu
Digital gain: +20dBu ... -8dBu, 1dB steps

@48kHz: 7.8/fs, 0.16ms,
@96kHz: 5.4/fs, 0.06ms,
@192kHz: 6.6/fs, 0.03ms

RC4580 + OPA1664

Level indicator
TFT screen, 28 levels

Headphones Out
1 x ¼? (6.3mm) TRS jack, stereo.
Provides an independent stereo channel.
Selectable mono/stereo source or one of 5 mixes of all inputs and outputs.
Digitally controlled volume level.

4+4 optical interfaces (8 channels each with 48 kHz)
32 channels @32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
16 channels @64kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz
n/a @128kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz

Latency: 3 samples

ADAT 4 I/O can be reconfigured as S/PDIF I/O.
The input includes a sample rate converter (performance of SRC: -128dB)
The output follows the sample frequency of the A32.

2 x DIN5 connector for remote control of the unit
Conversion MIDI <> MIDI over MADI possible

Wordclock I/O
BNC: 1 x input, 1 x output
75 Ohm Termination switchable for input

Power Supply
12V, 3A
2 x input jacks with screw lock for redundant power.
Voltage supervision, warning message on screen when PSU input fails
Internal resettable polyfuse
1 x power supply included

USB Port
1 x USB 2.0 for Remote/Updates

Additional Features
192 kHz operation (S/MUX up to 192kHz).
Individual delay-compensation of all analogue outputs.
DSP Plugin-ready
MIDI in/out plugs Headphone /submix output for easy control.
MIDI over MADI Preset Management
Extensive routing/mixing possibilities.
Redundancy (MADI I/O, Dante I/O, Power Supplies).

Internal Clock
Temperature compensated oscillator, with high accuracy.
Initial accuracy: +/-1.5ppm
Over temperature range: +/-2.5ppm
Aging: +/-1ppm

Digitally controlled PLL / Jitter reduction system
Output jitter: 50ps ... 100ps typ.

LCD Displays
4 x TFT Screens for the complete control of all analog I/O levels and all settings of the unit
One Key Control provides an easy control of all functions.
Multi language help pages guides available (No need to study the manual.)

Audio Core Processor
Sharc DSP ADSP-21489 / 400MHz.
Routing and processing of of all 384 audio channels.
Mixing to headphone output.
Independent mixing to selectable analog output pair.
Calculation of DSP plugins.

Depth: 27cm (10.6?) (including connectors)

4.1kg (9 lbs)

Ambient temperature
41°F up to 113°F (+5°C up to +45°C)
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