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16 in / 16 out AD/DA converter with ADAT and analog I/O modified for +24dBu level compatibility

The PULSE16 converts 16 x 16 studio-grade balanced analog inputs and outputs up to 96kHz to ADAT I/O. As a cost-effective and mature interface, ADAT is already available almost everywhere " so expanding your studio with the PULSE16 by 16 x 16 analog channels is done in a few steps.

The Low Latency Cirrus Logic converters, accompanied with a temperature-compensated clock and jitter reduction PLL, guarantees best crystal clear sound. All this packed in a compact 1HU, the PULSE16 delivers studio levels of up to +20dBu, individually adjustable in 1dB steps, brought to 32 TRS connectors. Thanks to the 4 x 4 ADAT interfaces, 16 x 16 channels can still be converted without any problems even at 96kHz.
Configuring the device is a breeze thanks to the two TFT screens. No need to consult the manual, every information is displayed clearly on the screens. Remote control via MIDI and MADI is also possible.

The headphone can be connected to any analog or digital input or output: ideal for control or monitoring.

If your studio grows, the PULSE16 grows with it: MADI I/O can be added via a MADI-SFP module together with an upgrade of the firmware. The PULSE16 then becomes a full-fledged PULSE16 MX.
Analog Inputs (AD)

2 x 24 Bit A/D Converter

16 x TRS ¼? (6.3mm), female
Digital gain: +20dBu ... -8dBu, 1dB steps
Digital gain (+24dBu Option): +24dBu ... -4dBu, 1dB steps

@48kHz: 12/fs, 0.25ms
@96kHz: 9/fs, 0.09ms
@192kHz: 5/fs, 0.03ms


Level indicator
TFT screen, 28 levels

Analog Outputs (DA)

2 x 24 Bit D/A Converter

16 x TRS ¼? (6.3mm), female
Digital gain: +20dBu ... -8 dBu, 1dB steps
Digital gain (+24dBu Option): +24dBu ... -4dBu, 1dB steps

@48kHz: 7.8/fs, 0.16ms
@96kHz: 5.4/fs, 0.06ms
@192kHz: 6.6/fs, 0.03ms


Headphones Out
1 x ¼? (6.3mm) TRS jack, stereo.
Selectable mono or stereo source.
Digitally controlled volume level.

4+4 optical ports (8 channels each with 48 kHz)
16 channels @32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
16 channels @64kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz
8 channels @128kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz (SMUX4 " only with installed MADI MX option)
Latency: 2 samples

2 x DIN5 connector for remote control of the unit
Conversion MIDI <> MIDI over MADI possible (MADI MX option required.)

Wordclock I/O
BNC: 1 x input, 1 x output
75 Ohm Termination switchable for input

Power Supply
12V, 3A
1 x input jack with screw lock.
Power required: 12VA in operation, 0,1VA in standby mode (Efficiency Level VI)
Internal resettable polyfuse
1 x power supply included

Additional Features
SMUX4 with 192 kHz operation (requires installed MADI option).
Delay-compensation for MADI chain (requires installed MADI option).
MIDI over MADI Preset Management (requires installed MADI option)

Internal Clock
TCXO (temp. compensated oscillator) with high accuracy.
Initial accuracy: +/-1.5ppm
Over temperature range: +/-2.5ppm
Aging: +/-1ppm

Digitally controlled PLL / Jitter reduction system
Output jitter: 50ps ... 100ps typ.

LCD Displays
2 x TFT Color Screens for the complete control of all analog I/O levels and all settings of the unit
One Key Control provides an easy control of all functions.
Multi language help pages guides available (No need to study the manual.)

Depth: 19cm (7.5?) (including connectors)

2 kg (4.4lbs)

Ambient temperature
41°F up to 113°F (+5°C up to +45°C)

+24dBu I/O option
This option raises the maximum input and output level of the 16 analog inputs and outputs from +20dBu to +24dBu, which then complies with the SMPTE standard.

Please note that these are BTO (built-to-order) options
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