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Professional active 3-way monitor with dual 6.5" speakers and pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter

The Twin6 Be is the best seller of the Focal Professional range and the most versatile work tool of the SM6 line. It represents the only necessary solution for recording, mixing and mastering. The image precision, treble definition as well as midrange neutrality are at the heart of its reputation. The excellent articulation of the bass and midbass registers, even at very high sound levels, makes it an unavoidable reference for engineers who require absolute transparency.

Furthermore, the design of the Twin6 Be permits a high SPL while at the same time offering a stable tonal balance. One of the two 6.5" woofers works in large band (midrange - bass) whereas the other reproduces from 40 to 150Hz. This creates a bass that preserves all the signal dynamics, without any masking effect in the midrange, thereby keeping all its neutrality and transparency. Additional control of the bass register is accomplished by fine-tuning on the control plate on the back of the Twin6 Be in order to obtain a perfect mirror configuration with its mate.

The Twin6 Be can be installed vertically or horizontally to respond to the space requirements of each studio.

Beryllium inverted dome tweeter
The inverted dome tweeter is a hallmark of Focal.
As a result of more than twenty years of development into a tweeter that could produce a high output, but without requiring high energy input and without increasing directivity. The introduction of the pure Beryllium dome, capable of covering 5 full octaves from 1,000 to 40,000Hz constitutes a new decisive advance regarding new audio formats. This tweeter capacity to reproduce high frequencies with unmatched speed and transparency. At first the pure Beryllium tweeter was only available on the very high-end digital speakers of the Focal Professional lines (SM8 & SM11), but is now featured on the new SM6 series, allowing an unprecedented price/performance ratio.

The "W" cone
Focal has been developing the technologies of composite sandwich cones for more than 15 years. The "W" process (Glass/Foam/Glass), used on the SM11, SM8 and SM6 lines, provides a true optimization of the frequency response by fine tuning of mass, rigidity and damping parameters. The balance between these 3 fundamental and often contradictory parameters is at the base of the outstanding sound neutrality of our speakers.

A custom designed amplification stage
Designing an amp to be integrated inside a speaker requires a very different set of rules than for a traditional amp. Speaker size and cooling concerns are often in contradiction with the high quality and high power requirements of a sonically transparent speaker.

Our engineers used the BASH technology to develop the bass/medium amplification circuit for the SM6 professional line of speakers. This was the only way to exploit the best of class AB style circuits (for exceptional quality) with a class D type yield, which is crucial when housing a 150W RMS circuit in such a small space (300W RMS for the Twin 6 and 350W RMS for the Sub6). A pure class AB circuit is sufficient to power the -less energy demanding- high frequency tweeter, allowing for an extremely wide bandwidth and exceptional accuracy.
Frequency response: 40Hz-40kHz
Maximum SPL: 115 dB SPL (peak@1m)

Electronic section
  • Type/impedance: Electronically balanced / 10kOhms
  • Connector: XLR
  • Sensitivity: Adjustable, +4dBu ou -10dBV

  • LF amplifier stage: 150W rms, BASH technology
    LF/MF amplifier stage: 150W rms, BASH technology
    HF amplifier stage: 100W rms, class AB

    Power supply
    Mains voltage: 230V (1.6A fuse rating) or 115V (3.15A fuse rating)
    Connection: IEC inlet and detachable power cord

    User controls
  • Input level switch
  • Speaker (left/right) switch
  • LF and HF contours (potentiometers)
  • Power ON/OFF switch, mains voltage selector
  • Indicator : Power on LED

  • Transducers
    Woofer: 2x"W" composite sandwich cone, Focal 6W4370B 6.5" drive unit
    High frequency: Focal TB871 Beryllium inverted dome tweeter
    Shielding: Integral through cancellation magnets or by magnet design

    Cabinet: 19mm MDF panels with internal braces
    Finish: Real red veneer sides - Black on body
    Dimensions (HxWxD): 250mmx500mmx340mm (9.8"x19.7"x13.4")
    Weight:14kg (30.8lb)
    Max Poulin
    April 15, 2020
    Ok. Je pars de loin. J'ai débuté avec des KRK Rokits 8 de première génération que j'ai gardés très (trop) longtemps? j'ai ensuite eu des Solo 6, mais mon but était clairement d'upgrader aux Twins.

    Je ne suis pas déçu. Je capote sur ces caisses. Read more
    Brandon Unis
    Edmonton, AB
    April 10, 2020
    Focal Twin 6 Be - The truth!
    I've had my new Focal Twin 6's for a few weeks now and all I can say is *WOW*. I've been mixing on Yamaha HS8's with a KRK sub for the past 10 years and the difference was staggering. These things reveal what is actually there. Once you've tuned them to your room, there is no guess work. Read more
    Damien Tremblay
    June 12, 2019
    Focal Twin6 Be
    Après avoir essayé quelques alternatives dans la même gamme de prix. Les Focal se sont avërés le meilleurs choix pour moi. Qualité exceptionnelle dans les mid et les hautes, basse très définie et excellente image stereo.
    Une transparence même à bas volume et une qualité de hautes frëquences qui permet de travaillers plusieurs heures et limiter la fatigue auditive. Read more
    Gary Cable
    Edmonton AB and Kelowna BC
    November 26, 2018
    Tells the truth
    Best mid-field near-field monitors I have ever used (Tannoy, Genelec, Adam. Un-hyped and painfully accurate, so you hear everything the way it is. In a properly treated room, they are the perfect missing or mastering monitor, as great mixes sound great but anything less will be revealed. Read more
    New Brunswick Canada
    November 14, 2018
    Focal Twin6 Be - Excellence
    Mid range is crystal clear. These monitors will demonstrate how why other branded 'great' monitors remain at the back of a very exclusive near-field monitor group. Other engineers had recommended their purchase ... after acquiring these, I have no regrets, Read more
    Hornepayne, Ontario
    June 21, 2017
    Bought 2 ...1 Dead on arrival...Purolator screw up again got them a week later....no luck with Focal....should have stick with ADAM....
    Sylvain Bolduc
    November 4, 2016
    It was fun to go at the store and spend some times in the booth listening to a bunch of speakers that Marc-André pulled out for me.
    I 've choose the Focal Twin for the superb sound, image, low-end......and the price.
    You guys are not just the best in town, you are the best in the world!
    Great customer service. Read more
    April 24, 2015
    Great speakers
    Big step up for me when I bought those speakers (Getting from m-audio bx8a). Built quality is really nice. The depth in the audio is amazing. Paired with apogee symphony, the result: best sound I've ever had for mixing songs. I would buy again.
    Bob Sixx
    April 10, 2015
    Excellent stereo image
    I had been using other near-fields for a while now and I was worried as to how long it would take me to get used to these. Wow, to my amazement, it only took me a couple of passes to understand how the Twins translate. The mids are very detailed, the highs are sweet and the stereo image is incredible.

    This is the best investment I've done in years, Read more
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