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Focusrite Rednet MP8R

RedNet MP8R is an 8-channel remote-controlled microphone preamplifier and A/D for the Dante audio-over-IP network, designed specifically for the live sound/recording and broadcast.

The MP8R features eight high-quality remote-controlled mic preamps developed specifically for the RedNet range, and backed by thirty years of mic preamplifier development. Each preamp has a dual input impedance of 10k or 2.4k ohms, allowing flexibility when running multiple mic pres in parallel. The device includes eight auxiliary outputs with automatic DSP-based gain tracking for digital "splits". Following the mic pres are eight channels of Focusrite's legendary high-precision A/D converters, operating at up to 192kHz/24-bit with minimum latency and offering class-leading dynamic range and overall performance. The MP8R features a rugged, roadworthy exterior and high internal build quality. In addition, the unit offers a compact 1U rack-mount form factor.
  • Built-in redundancy with dual power and network connections
  • Rugged roadworthy all-metal construction, high build quality, locking power and etherCON Ethernet connectors
  • Eight Focusrite remote-controlled preamps with enhanced input level capability, and dual input impedance to deliver maximum performance when one mic feeds single or multiple pres
  • Two outputs from each preamp: one direct and the other automatically gain-compensated to deliver a constant level
  • Remote-controllable Gain, Phantom Power and High-Pass Filter from Yamaha CL and QL Series Consoles.
  • 20dB pad, HPF and polarity inversion per input
  • Operate locally, or remotely via RedNet Control software, Pro Tools, MIDI or OCA (Open Control Architecture)
  • Precision low-latency conversion at up to 24-bit/192kHz, with best-in-class dynamic range and overall audio quality
  • 6-segment LED level meters; OLED display indicates input gain and system information
  • Compact 1U form factor
  • Full interoperability with other Dante products and networks
  • Specifications
    Microphone Inputs
    Gain Range : 10dB to 65dB in 1dB steps
    Type : Electronically Balanced, Zin = 2.4k/10k (Switchable); Inputs default to 2.4k when unit is unpowered.
    Max. Input Level : 29dBu ±0.5; min gain with pad for 0dBFS, Rs = 150
    Min. Input Level : -46dBu ±0.5; max gain without pad for 0dBFS, Rs = 150
    Frequency Response : 20Hz - 40kHz ±0.1dB
    THD + N : -98dB (0.0012%) @ -1dBFS, Rs = 150
    EIN : -129dBu 'A'-Weighted (typical), Rs = 150
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio : 118dB 'A'-Weighted (typical), Rs = 150
    Phantom Power : +48V, independently switchable per channel.
    Pad : -20dB, independently switchable per channel.
    HPF : -6dB @ 65 ± 3Hz, 12dB/Octave, independently switchable per channel.

    Input to Input : <-100dB 20Hz - 20kHz; minimum input gain.

    Digital Performance
    Supported Sample Rates : 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 / 176.4 / 192 kHz (-4% / -0.1% / +0.1% / +4.167%) at 24 bit
    Clock Sources : Internal or from Dante Network Master.

    Rear Panel Connectivity
    Mic Inputs : 8 x Female XLR

    PSU & Network Connections
    PSU : 2 x IEC Inputs with retaining clips.
    Network : 2 x etherCON connectors, also compatible with standard RJ45 connectors.

    Front Panel Indicators
    Primary PSU (A) : Green LED. Illuminates when an AC input is applied and all DC outputs are present.
    Secondary PSU (B) : Green LED. Illuminates when an AC input is applied and all DC outputs are present.
    Primary Network : Green LED. Indicates that a network connection is present on primary port when in redundant mode. When in Switched mode, a valid network connection at either Primary or Secondary network port will cause this LED to illuminate.
    Secondary Network : Green LED. Indicates that a network connection is present on secondary port when in redundant mode. Not used in switched mode.
    Network Locked : Green LED. When unit is network slave, shows valid network lock. When unit is network master, shows lock to internal clock.
    Sample Rate : Orange LED for each: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, x2, x4.
    Pull Up/Down : Orange LED. Indicates that the unit is set to operate on a Dante pull up/down domain.
    Channel Signal Level : 6 level indicator LEDs for each channel. 3 Green LEDs, (-30dB, -18dB, -12dB); 2 orange LEDs (-6dB, -3dB); red LED (0dB/onset of clipping).
    Channel Select Buttons : 8
    Channel Function Controls : Info, Impedance, Pad, Phantom Power, HPF, Phase, Gain Encoder.
    Channel Display : Colour OLED. Displays Channel Name, Gain, Lock status (When on), Channel Number, Gain Compensation status (When on).

    Network Modes
    Redundant : Allows unit to connect to two independent networks.
    Switched : Connects both ports to integrated network switch allowing daisy-chaining of devices.

    Height : 44.5mm/ 1.75"
    Width : 482.6mm/ 19"
    Depth : 394mm/ 15.51"
    Weight : 5.75kg

    PSU : 2 x Internal, 100-240V, 50/60Hz, consumption 30VA.
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    Additional information
    For more information about the Rednet MP8R, please visit the website of Focusrite
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