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The new Model HP-P1 is the world-first portable headphone amplifier with D/A converter that receives audio signal digitally from iPod/iPhone dock connector to convert to analog via high quality 32bit DAC 'AKM4480'. Analog signal can be output through exclusively designed headphone amp in hi-end audio quality.

The HP-P1 benefits from Fostex's huge accumulated hardware design experience in the field of professional digital audio product development and this unrivalled know-how is demonstrated in the design of the analog circuits which extract the full performance of the digital device.

The tone, the depth and the effective headroom is nothing short of stunning, giving the impression of almost limitless audio power reserves on tap at all times. Add to this a 3-step gain control to accommodate all types of headphones, an in-built /PDIF Digital Out, twin digital filters and a rugged, yet cool, aluminum alloy chassis and you have best portable headphone amp for iPod / iPhone on the market.
Exclusive Carry Case Included

The HP-P1 comes complete with an exclusively designed carry case which can be clipped to a belt if desired. In addition, a 50mm Dock connector USB cable and a USB power cable (Type A to mini B) are also included.
Digital connection from iPod/iPhone to HP-P1 via 30-pin dock connector
High quality 32-bit DAC (AKM4480) and headphone amp for maximum sound quality
  • Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery (approx 7 hours)
  • USB powered operation also available
  • Hi/Mid/Low 3-step gain control on the headphone out drives all headphone types
  • Auxiliary analog Line Input for other MP3 players
  • S/PDIF Digital Out for professional recording
  • Analog Line Out for connection to an analog amplifier or a recorder
  • Unique Digital Filter - use regular filter or unique “minimum delay filter” without pre-echo
  • Housed in a rigid aluminum alloy chassis
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