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Gefell KEM970

The Cardioid Plane Microphone is a multi-capsule microphone system with a unique directional characteristics that are largely independent of frequency.

On the horizontal axis the KEM 970 has the characteristic of a cardioid microphone, whilst on the vertical axis the characteristicsresemble a shotgun microphone with a very narrow acceptance angle of about 30°.

The directional pattern is therefore particularly well suited to the most frequently encountered situations where the source to be recorded is widely spread, or moving across the horizontal plane and sound arriving from other directions needs to be attenuated.

Attenuated sound may consist of unwanted noiseor reflections from surfaces such as ceilings, tablesor the floor. Mounting the microphone physically onits side can significantly reduce feedback problemsfrom sound reinforcement loudspeaker installationson the side walls.

For effective use of the highly directional nature ofthis microphone, a good understanding of thedirections from which wanted and unwanted soundsarrive is important. The more care taken in positioningthe KEM 970, the better the results obtained will be.Integrated front facing indicator lights help inpositioning the microphone accurately.

Acoustic treatment to improve a room can be anextremely costly exercise, and perhaps not even possible when trying to achieve the average 5 dB increase in operating level that the KEM 970 provides.An added benefit of the KEM 970, as shown in Fig.3,is its ability through skilled use of the sensitivity characteristics, to compensate for level changes if the sound source moves closer to the microphone.
  • multi-cabsule condenser microphone system
  • broad cardioid pattern to cover wide or moving sound sources
  • locate up to three times the distance of omni microphones for same difusse field
  • optimum positioning using visual indicators
  • suppression of undesirable reflections on the vertical axis
  • 6 dB improvement in feedback threshold for sound reinforcement applications
  • frequency response 40 - 18000 Hz
  • line level output, two position pre-attenuation switch
  • high pass filter switch
  • analog or digital AES/EBU - DPP output

  • Recommended applications of the KEM 970:
  • on edges, or ends of stage
  • at a presenter´s desk
  • as a table microphone
  • radio and TV productions
  • video conferencing
  • location of neighbouring unwanted noise
  • Specifications
    Cardioid Plane Microphone KEM 970, non-rotational-symmetrical directivity

    Directional characteristic :
    horizontal : super cardioid,
    vertical : club shaped

    Pick - up recording angle :
    horizontal : 120°, vertical : 30°

    Acoustical operating principle :
    Pressure gradient transducer

    Frequency range :
    40 - 18000 Hz

    Sensitivity at 1 kHz Switch position "line" :
    775 mV/Pa

    Switch position "reduced bass roll - off" at 90 Hz :
    -10 dB

    Rated impedance :

    Equivalent loudness level due to inherent noise :
    CCIR 468-4 : 24 dB,
    DIN EN 60651 : 15 dB A

    Signal-to-noise ratio (re 1 Pa at 1 kHz) :
    CCIR-weighted : 70 dB,
    A-weighted : 79 dB

    Max. SPL for THD 0,5 % :
    switch position:
    line: 116 dB,
    -10 dB: 126 dB,
    -20 dB: 136 dB

    Connecting plugs :
    7-pin Tuchel built - in flange plug,
    goldplated contacts

    Finish :
    satin nickel,
    dark bronze

    Power supply :
    N 970 / N 970 D

    Power supply voltage :
    230/115 V AC ± 10 % 50/60 Hz

    Connecting plugs :
    Tuchel built - in flange box T 3463.000,
    XLR built - in flange plug SWC D3M

    Dimensions / Weight:
    Microphone (L x Ø ) : 355 x 40/25 mm / 0,96 kg
    Power supply unit N 970 / N 970 D : 190 x 127 x 90 mm / 1,8 kg
    Microphone connecting cable with swivel mount, C 97 S : 10 m / 1,1 kg
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