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Compact, 2-way active nearfield monitor, matte grey painted finish

As an active loudspeaker, it contains drivers, power amplifiers, active crossover filters and protection circuitry. The MDE (Minimum Diffraction Enclosure) loudspeaker enclosure is made of die-cast aluminium and shaped to reduce edge diffraction. Combined with the advanced Directivity Control Waveguide TM (DCWTM), this design provides excellent frequency balance in difficult acoustic environments. If necessary, the bass response of the 8020D can be extended with a Genelec subwoofer.

The small Genelec 8020D has been designed for monitoring in difficult listening environments, particularly those compromised by lack of space.

Each 8020D is supplied with an integrated amplifier unit, mains cable and an operating manual.
Lower cut-off frequency, -6 dB: <56 Hz
Upper cut-off frequency, -6 dB: > 25 kHz
Accuracy of frequency response: 62 Hz - 20 kHz (± 2.5 dB)
Maximum short term sine wave acoustic output on axis in half space, averaged from 100 Hz to 3 kHz: at 1 m > 100 dB SPL
Maximum long term RMS acoustic output in same conditions with IEC weighted noise (limited by driver unit protection circuit): at 1 m > 93 dB SPL
Maximum peak acoustic output per pair, at 1 m distance with music material: > 107 dB
Self generated noise level in free field at 1 m on axis: < 5 dB (A-weighted)
Harmonic distortion at 85 dB SPL at 1 m on axis: Freq: 50...200 Hz < 3 % >200 Hz < 0.5 %
Drivers: Bass 105 mm (4 in) coneTreble 19 mm (3/4 in) metal dome Both drivers are magnetically shielded
Weight: 3.2 kg (7.0 lb)

Height: 242 mm (91/2 in) (including Iso-Pod table stand)
Height: 230 mm (91/16 in) (without Iso-Pod table stand)
Width: 151 mm (6 in)
Depth: 142 mm (5.5/8 in)

Input connector: Input: XLR female, balanced 10 kOhm, pin 1 gnd, pin 2 +, pin 3
Input level for 100 dB SPL output at 1 m: -6 dBu at volume control max
Sensitivity control range relative to max output: -12 dB (constantly variable)
Crossover frequency, Bass/Treble: 3.0 kHz
Treble tilt control operating range: 0 to -2 dB at 15 kHz
Desktop 200 Hz control: -4 dB at 200 Hz
Bass roll-off control: -4 dB at 65 Hz
Bass tilt control operating range in -2 dB steps: 0 to -6 dB at 100 Hz

Bass amplifier output power: 50 W
Treble amplifier output power: 50 W
Long term output power is limited by driver unit protection circuitry.
Amplifier system distortion at nominal output: THD < 0.05 %
Mains voltage: 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Voltage operating range: ±10 %
Power consumption:
- Idle 3 W
- Standby <0.5 W
- Full output 60 W
Color: Matte grey painted finish
Toronto, ON
February 19, 2020
Great monitors
I recently moved my video post suite to a smaller room. My Neumanns were too large for the space and I needed something accurate that would work well in my room. After reading reviews and consulting some colleagues, I ended up with the 8020DPMs. They sound much bigger than their size would indicate, work very well in a less-than-perfect room (the 8020s have extensive room tuning options), and they image really really well. Read more
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