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A pre-configured 5.1 multi-channel monitoring system consisting of five (5) 8030BPMmonitors and a single (1) 7060BPM subwoofer.

Continuing the tradition of providing well fac- tored active monitoring products, Genelec introduces the 8030.LSE PowerPak ™, a new comprehensive multi-channel monitoring system specifically designed for post-production suites and recording studios with control rooms measuring less than 85 m 3 (3000 cubic feet) (W x D x H). The 8030.LSE PowerPak™ system is a perfectly tailored solution and simplifies the process of creating a new multi-channel moni- toring system or upgrading an existing stereo monitoring environment to 5.1 surround.

The 8030.LSE PowerPak™ system consists of five Genelec 8030A two-way, bi-amplified active monitors, one Genelec 7060A LSE™ Series Active Subwoofer, and a Genelec Acousti/Tape™ frequency/wavelength mea- suring tape. In addition, a Genelec 8030.LSE PowerPak setup guide is included for accurate speaker placement, wiring and fine-tuning.

The cornerstone of the system is Genelec's revolutionary 7060A LSE™ Series Active Subwoofer which employs Genelec's propri- etary Laminar Spiral Enclosure™ (LSE™) technology. Designed for multi-channel pro- fessional surround sound monitoring envi- ronments, the LSE™ 7060A subwoofer features a single 10" proprietary driver with a 120 Watt power amplifier, a frequency response of 29 Hz to 85 Hz (120 Hz) +/-3 dB, and has the ability to deliver an SPL of 108 dB at 1 meter. In addition, the 7060A boasts Genelec's new 6.1 bass management system, which has six signal input and output channels (L/C/R Front and L/C/R Rear), as well as a discrete LFE signal input with a selectable 85/120 Hz low-pass filter and a summed signal output, providing flexibility and easy connection.

The built-in bass management unit splits the six main channel input signals into low and high frequency components, accurately dividing the input signal between the subwoofer and main speakers. A dedicated LFE In input connector enables easy set-up and accurate monitoring of the LFE channel in 5.1 and 6.1 digital surround sound systems.

The system also includes five Genelec 8030A two-way, bi-amplified active monitors. The 8030A is a compact close-field system featuring Genelec's proprietary Minimum Dif- fraction Enclosure™ (MDE™). The rounded corners and continuously curving forms of the enclosure blend seamlessly into the improved Directivity Control Waveguide™ (DCW™), effectively reducing diffraction and improving imaging. Powered by a pair of 40 Watt ampli- fiers, the Genelec 8030A monitors offer a wide frequency response of 58 Hz to 20 kHz (+/-2.0 dB) from a 5" woofer and 3 / 4 " hard-domed tweeter. In addition to low harmonic distortion, the 8030A also offers rear panel bass and treble tilt room response controls. The MDE™ enclosure of the Genelec 8030A active moni- tors is made of die cast aluminum, featuring rugged construction while also providing effi- cient heat dissipation capability and shielding against RF interference. Each speaker is also magnetically shielded for additional protection when used in close proximity to video monitors. The Iso-Pod™ table stand delivered with each 8030A has adjustable tilt so that the acoustical axis can be pointed precisely towards the lis- tener for best sound reproduction. The isolation feature prevents colouration caused by conduc- tion of unwanted vibration to the mixing console or other mounting surface.

The 8030.LSE PowerPak ™ once properly set up will provide an accurate and stable rep- resentation of any multichannel audio signal, yet its compact size makes it applicable to almost any listening environment.
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