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Hammond SK1
The Essential Keyboards You Need PLUS A Genuine HAMMOND Organ

The 15 Pound Sk1 is the smallest and lightest Genuine Hammond Organ ever made, and it’s even more astounding when you consider the palette of Hi-Def Extravoices that are onboard. For the gigging musician, there is really no other choice but this comprehensive keyboard. How many times have you finished a satisfying show and faced moving your equipment with dread in your eyes; as your guitarist puts his ax in the case, picks up his amp and he’s out the door Now you can pack up and hit the road in a jiffy, too, with NO compromise in available sounds. If you’ve been “making do” with an imitation Hammond, or the “Jazz Organ” preset on your synth, because you had no room for a B-3 and Leslie, you can now bring the soul back to your show, even if the venue has a postage stamp for a stage.
  • Sound generator - organ section: 2 x VASE III digital tone wheels, transistor organ and pipe organ; extra voice section: VASE III
  • Polyphony: manual (except pipe organ): 61 notes; pedal (except pipe organ): 8 notes; maximum (on pipe organ): 63 notes; Extra Voice section: 63 notes
  • Keyboard: 61-key, C1 to C6
  • Drawbars: 9 pitches, assignable for upper, pedal, lower
  • Effects: Vibrato and chorus, overdrive, multi-effects (8 programs), reverb (digital, 11 programs)
  • Equalizer: organ: bass, mid (sweep), treble, tone; Extra Voice: bass, mid (sweep), treble
  • Master EQ: bass, mid gain, mid frequency, treble
  • Controllers: volumes: master volume, music volume, extra voice volume; switch: power on/off
  • Music player: File Format: WAV (44.1KHz, 16-bit, stereo), MP3 (44.1KHz, 128kbps, stereo); Control: song, play/pause
  • MIDI: 9 templates; external zones: 3 zones, assignable to any keyboard
  • Storage: USB flash drive
  • Specifications
  • Sound Engine Type(s) Modeling
  • Number of Keys 61
  • Type of Keys Waterfall
  • Other Controllers 9 x drawbars
  • Polyphony Full
  • Wave Memory No wave memory
  • Number of Presets 100 user, 100 preset
  • Expansion No expansion
  • Number of Effects 8
  • Effects Types Leslie, vibrato, chorus, overdrive, reverb, Sustain
  • Arpeggiator No
  • Sampling No
  • Audio Playback 16-bit/441.kHz WAV, 128kbps MP3
  • MIDI Sequencer No sequencer
  • USB Yes (memory storage only)
  • Number of Audio Inputs 0
  • Audio Input Types No audio inputs
  • Number of Audio Outputs 3
  • Audio Output Types 2 x TS, 1 x TRS (headphone)
  • Number of Digital Inputs 0
  • Digital Input Types No digital inputs
  • Number of Digital Outputs 0
  • Digital Output Types No digital outputs
  • MIDI I/O 2 x in, 1 x out
  • Pedal Inputs Expression, footswitch, damper
  • Height 3.875"
  • Width 35.25"
  • Depth 12"
  • Weight 15.5 lbs.
  • Power Supply AC adapter AD3-1250
  • Manufacturer Part Number 002-SK1
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