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Hosa STX-803M

Hosa STX-803M is a snake designed to connect gear with balanced phone outputs to gear with XLR inputs. It is ideal for use with mixing consoles and patch bays. 3m

Eight Channel Audio Recording Snake: XLR Male to Balanced 1/4" Male

The STX-800M Series Eight Channel Recording Snakes features Hosa's molded terminations for outstanding performance and durability.

Model number and lengths:

STX-802M (2m | 6.6 ft.)
STX-803M (3m | 9.9 ft.)
STX-804M (4m | 13.2 ft.)
STX-805M (5m | 16.5 ft.)
STX-807M (7m | 23.1 ft.)
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For more information about the STX-803M, please visit the website of Hosa
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