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Izotope Everything Bundle

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An incredibly powerful bundle courtesy of Izotope including Creative Suite, Music Production Suite 2, and RX Post Production Suite 3

Creative Suite
The Creative Suite includes seven of iZotope's award-winning instruments and effects plug-ins, offering a powerful music creation package for discovering new directions in music and sound design. This unique collection of creative products is designed to inspire, elevate, and aid exploration in your music. Make beats, design synths, add texture, and find your sound with the iZotope Creative Suite!

Includes: VocalSynth 2, Iris 2, Trash 2, Stutter Edit, BreakTweaker, Mobius Filter, and DDLY

Music Production Suite 2
A collection of over thirty industry-standard plugins that interact across your session and provide time-saving assistive features, innovative new workflows, and cutting-edge visual analysis tools.

Through inter-plugin communication, iZotope products in your session can send and receive diagnostic information, help you make mix decisions, ensure translation across devices and streaming services, and more. By automating the tedious in-between processes of music production, Music Production Suite 2 lets you spend more time doing what you love instead of troubleshooting. MPS2 is an extension of your creativity, enabled by science.

Includes: Nectar 3, VocalSynth 2, Ozone 8 Advanced, Neutron 2 Advanced, RX 7 Standard, Insight 2, and Tonal Balance Control

RX Post Production Suite 3
RX Post Production Suite 3 is the flagship of the RX line and features four of iZotope's most powerful tools for audio post production-RX 7 Advanced, Insight 2, Neutron 2 Advanced, and RX Loudness Control. This comprehensive audio post production suite features intelligent and powerful software solutions for everything from dialogue editing to mixing and delivery, plus $400 in bonus content.

Version 3 includes: RX 7 Advanced, Insight 2, Neutron 2 Advanced, Tonal Balance Control, RX Loudness Control, Groove3 video tutorials, and 250 sound effects from Pro Sound Effects.


$2087.00 (Special)

Save $522.00, Regular $2609.00
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
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