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JBL LSR6325P-1

The compact LSR6325P-1 provides exceptional performance for use in applications where accuracy is a must, but space is limited. With a 5.25" high-excursion woofer, a damped titanium composite tweeter, and 150 Watts of amplification, it outperforms many larger systems. When used with the LSR6312SP Subwoofer, the LSR6325P-1 is the heart of an exceptionally accurate yet space efficient full-range system.


  • High Performance bi-amplified design with patented JBL Transducer Technology.

  • Front Panel Volume and Power Controls.

  • Integrated mounting points for horizontal and vertical suspension.

  • Titanium Composite High Frequency Device with Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal Waveguide.

  • Shielded for use next to Video Monitors.

  • Built in high pass filtering for use with optional subwoofer.

  • User selectable Workstation Boundary Compensation.

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