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The Eclipse PX combines a high-quality, 3 axis joystick with 5 touch-sensitive, push-button, rotary encoders, 9 illuminated buttons & a 3-digit white LED display

The controller can be connected to a computer, using it's own built in 10/100 Ethernet interface, or to other Eclipse units via internal expansion port. It can be physically connected with other Eclipse units using Eclipse Joiner Kit.

Eclipse PX is functionally identical to the Nuage Panner listed below and can be used to directly control surround mixing in Steinberg Nuendo and other applications.

With its own custom software plug-in for Steinberg Nuendo, Eclipse PX provides precise control of all automatable surround automation parameters.

Controls include real time control and automation of Joystick X, Y, Global Divergence, Auto Orbit, Front Divergence, Rear Divergence, Center Distribution, Front-Rear Divergence, LFE Level, Manual Orbit and more.

Software developers can take advantage of the Eclipse PX as a stand alone unit or combine it with other Eclipse components to make a specialized controller for your specific needs.

Eclipse PX is also compatible with Pro Tools Mac Version.

Direct support in Dolby ATMOS Tools 1.6 with Dolby ATMOS RMU.
Width - 6 in (15.24 cm)
Depth - 11.5 in (29.21 cm)
Height - 3.25 in (8.26 cm)
Weight - 6 lb(2.72 kg)
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