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JL Cooper ES-SloMo J RS-422

ES-SloMo J RS-422 is a universal instant replay controller that controls most professional VTRs, DDRs, servers & computer based systems

Features for AJA Ki Pro and FFV Micron Let you Browse Clips and View Clip Names

ES-SloMo¬ô is a compact controller for News, Sports, QC, transfer, dubbing and other editing operations. It makes precise control of professional VTRs, DDRs and Video Servers quick and easy. It's a full featured 4-machine editor and universal Jog/Shuttle remote. It's compact design and low cost, make it the perfect addition to edit suites, remote trucks, sports facilities and other applications.

ES-SloMo features include professional transport buttons, JLCooper's Custom, Optically-Encoded Jog Wheel with Shuttle Ring for convenient picture search operations, a high-quality T-Bar for slomo and shuttle tape operation, an easy to read 2 x 16 VF display, a full size numeric keypad and fast access function keys. It provides Odetics seamless clip playout functions for use with popular video servers.

GangWay integration allows individual control of up to 32 machines or server channels!

One Touch Replay, Deferred Replay and In/Out Replay modes simplify operation so that even inexperienced operators can get reliable and consistent results with minimal training.
  • Compact Design
  • VF Timecode Display
  • Numeric keypad
  • Assemble, Insert, Crash and Disable (Lock Out) Editing Modes
  • Quickly store up to 1000 Cues or 400 In and Out Points with Varispeed
  • Simultaneous Control of up to 4 VTRs, DDRs or Server Channels
  • T-Bar Control for slow motion control sends Shuttle, Jog or Variable Play
  • Dynamic Slomo replays accessed from the T-Bar, Jog or Variable Speed Play
  • T-Bar Programmable - Min-Max, Preset Speeds, Active or Passive Modes
  • Programmable Cueing Modes - Automatic Play All Cues Function
  • Log Operation useful in QC Applications
  • 16 Variable Replay Speeds
  • EE/PB switching
  • Controls most professional VTRs, DDRs, servers & computer based systems including AJA KiPro, BlackMagic Hyperdeck, Fast Forward Video Video Devices and More!
  • Specifications
    Size: 10 in x 10.25 in x 3 in
    Weight: 6 lb
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    Additional information
    For more information about the ES-SloMo J RS-422, please visit the website of JL Cooper
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