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The VC2 comprises a Microphone amplifier, a Compressor, an Enhancer, and an Output stage with gain make-up.

It is not only the paintwork which makes the appearance endearing. There is a lovely big old-fashioned looking VU meter with a particularly attractive metallic strip on its scale. The knobs are black, and look like they came free on the cover of Electronics Today. There are handles for pulling it out of the rack. And all the pushbuttons are bright red. On the back there are XLRs for Mic and Line Input, and Output and -40dB Output for connection to an external Mic amp (though I have no idea why you would want to do this!) There are jack sockets for an Insert point, a mix input and TRS balanced output. There is also a mysterious shiny gold-plated unlabelled phono socket. No don't be daft - it's not a digital output! It is for stereo linking two units together. The manual waffles away about 1960's and 1970's technology, and boasts about such features as an unusually high overload margin. Reading it, you feel more and more like Ted has revived some long lost ancient British craft, and you can almost imagine him hand-building these in some chaotic workshop full of ancient test equipment and components.
Microphone Input.
XLR Input 3Kohm and 800 ohm (switchable to suit 200 ohm and 50 ohm microphones).
Transformer balanced and floating. Switchable 48V phantom power.
Input level from -80dB to 0dB (20dB pad switch)
Push button 200/50 ohm source switch (on rear panel).
Push button MIC/LINE switch.
Push button 20dB pad switch.
Push button 48V phantom supply switch with LED indicator.

Line Inputs.
XLR 10K impedance floating balanced.
Mix input unbalanced 10K impedance.

Overload Margin.
30dB on Mic and Line inputs in normal operation.

Line in -6dB to 24dB
Mic in 15dBto 68dB
Insert gain 0dB
Mix in gain 0dB

Line in 80dB below operating level
Mic in 125.5dB below input at 50dB gain 20Hz to 20KHz.

Harmonic Distortion.
Generally within 0.05% rising to approx. 0.14% at 4dB above nominal output level. 2nd harmonic

Amplitude Frequency Response
Line in 10Hz to 15KHz within 0.5dB
Mic in 10Hz to 15KHz within 1dB
High pass filter 3dB down at 25Hz, 12dB per octave.

Phase reverse.
Push button phase reverse switch and LED indicator; reverses phase of all signals.

Push button high pass filter switch (andindicator) operates at 25Hz at 12dB per octave

Push putton insert switch (and indicator)allows comparison of inserted outboard

XLR High level balanced 50 ohm +4dBu for 0VU (variable)
Max. output unbalanced approx. +22dBu, balanced +26dBu.
XLR Low level balanced 200 ohm -40dBu
Insert, Tip and Ring jack socket. 400 ohm -10dBu output, 22K ohm input.

Photoresistive servo operated with 2 stage tube amplifier.
Ratio 1 approx. 5 to 1 (ratio switch)
Ratio 2 approx. 3 to 1
Attack time 1mS min. 7mS max. (variable).
Release time 200mS min 3S max. (variable).

Performance details not released.

Approx. 15 Watts.
IEC socket for power cable.
Reversible fuse holder for 230VAC and 110VAC power input.
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