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Slip-on windscreen to cover foam of microphones like Rode VideoMic & Deity D3 & D3 Pro

This AIRO Windscreen for Rode VideoMic is a slip-on furry cover with artificial fur that fits snugly over the included foam cover of Rode VideoMic, NTG1 or Deity D3, D3 Pro microphones. This Wind Muff (aka Dead Cat or Fuzzy) greatly reduces wind noise when recording in windy conditions.

Works with Foam cover for Layered Wind Protection

This Airo Slip-On Custom Wind Protector is designed to be slipped over existing foam windscreens
  • Fits shotgun mics with foam windscreen up to 7(18cm) in length and is designed to be slipped over existing foam windscreens up to 2" (5cm) in diameter.
  • The simulated fur outer layer works in tandem with the acoustic foam to protect the microphone element from air bursts without muffling the sound.

  • When used on a shotgun mic, this windmuff (aka Deadcat or Fuzzy) is effective in minimizing wind noise and plosive sounds.
    Compatible with:
    Deity Microphones: D3, D3 Pro
    Rode: VideoMic, NTG1
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