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The Klark-Teknik DN780 Digital Reverberator Processor is not simply a reverberation device. The DN780 gives the user a unique and flexible means of producing realistic acoustic simulanons for environments of all types and sizes. The provision of effects programs further extends this versatility, making the DN780 the most powerful acoustic processing package currently available.

Not happy with the current designs with narrow fields of useful application, our research has led to a new operating concept for the DN780 to to extend versatility, backed by an advanced high speed digital signa1 processor designed to handle the necessarily complex computations. This technical innovation results in extremely high density reverberation with convincing small room performance, authentic concert hall reverberation and a wide ranging choice of basic 'acoustic spaces.'

The parameter controls give accurate adjustment off all reverberation parameters and allow the engineer to create unique acoustic environments of virtually any type.

A number of factory-set acoustic simulations based on four reverb types are available via the keypad: see 'Software' section. These Factory-set memory 1ocations can then be used in their own right as a reference point from which to create your own variations allowing you to let your creativity reign.

Fifty non-volatile memories are available for entering user variations and the sequence function allows instant recall of up to 16 factory or user memories in required order, allowing rapid movements through a series of previously planned acoustical settings for mix-down, film dubbing, T.V. production or live performance.

The remote control unit allows the chosen acoustic setting to be first selected, using the sequence key and then modified using the parameter sliders.

The DN780 performs to the highest specification and the engineered using the latest technology to keep component count down and reliability up. Electronics use a semi-modular system of construction distributed 1ogicallv on six printed circuit boards, eliminating unreliable edge connectors whilst avoiding the servicing problems of single board systems.

The DN780 is a compact 2U 19 inch rack mounting device equally at home in the recording studio, dubbing suite, broadcasting studio or on the road.
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