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The microKORG is a compact-sized synthesizer and vocoder that delivers the true enjoyment of synthesis in a compact package

The microKORG S features a built-in 2+1 speaker system with power that far exceeds its size. Its body sports an elegant white motif, and features new presets that represent the sounds of a new generation. Beneath the microKORG S's sophisticated exterior hides a sound engine both brutal in strength and universal in application.

Inside that compact body of the microKORG, we've included a carefully constructed speaker system consisting of stereo speakers with clear imaging, plus a woofer that emanates a startling amount of low frequency. The chassis uses a new box structure, and the combination of ample box volume and a bass reflex port takes full advantage of the speakers, thereby delivering a rich sense of volume that exceeds the size of the speakers, a clear sense of positioning, and a rich low-frequency range. In addition to the battery-powered operation of the existing model, the inclusion of the built-in speakers allows an easy yet full-fledged performance experience even in an environment where there is no power supply or PA.

Since the speaker box is contained within the chassis of the instrument, the vibrations from the speaker can be felt through your fingertips. This tactile feedback allows you to experience the same subtle and dynamic response as when playing an acoustic instrument or electric piano.
Increased memory, new programs, and additional user programs
The memory capacity has been increased from the original microKORG. Mainly centered on simple and present sounds that shine on stage, we've added 64 powerful preset programs that meet the needs of the changing music scene, including clearly defined and punchy leads, electric pianos that sound great in an ensemble, and powerful and solid basses. In addition, we've also newly provided 64 additional slots for user programs, so you can save your own original sounds without overwriting the presets. This encourages a sound design process that's ideal for this instrument: select a sound that you like, and edit it.

Elegant new design retains the spirit of the original
The microKORG's distinctive form has been beloved worldwide for more than ten years. The microKORG S adds speakers, yet carries on the looks and compactness of the original. In addition, the front panel features an elegant white reboot, updated with maple wood for the side panels.

Favorite Select function
There's a new Favorite Select function that lets you assign up to eight of your favorite programs. Since this lets you instantly recall the sound you need, it makes live performance even more convenient.

Versatile and distinctive vocoder
You can connect a mic to the AUDIO IN1 jack of the microKORG, and use it for a powerful vocoder that applies the tonal character of a vocal input to the sound of an oscillator, producing the impression that it is speaking or singing.

All of the functionality of the original microKORG, plus so much more
This new instrument carries on all of the original microKORG's functionality, including the ease of selecting a program of a desired musical genre and then editing the selected sound, a vocoder with an included miniature microphone, and battery operation that allows you to perform anywhere. As a beginner's first synthesizer that's easy to use, as a supplementary live synth for the stage, or as a sound module for production, the microKORG S will continue to play a role in every music scene around for many years to come.
Sound Generation Method: Analog Modeling Synthesis System
Synthesizer Program:
Multi Timbral: 2 (max, Split/Dual Mode)
Voices: 4 voices
Sound Source: 2 Oscillator + Noise Generator, Multi Mode Filter(-24dB/octLPF,-12dB/oct LPF/BPF/HPF) EGx2 LFOx2 Virtual Patchx4

Vocoder Program
Voices: 4 voices
Sound Source: 1 Oscillator +Noise Generator
EGx1 LFOx2 8 Channels vocoder Level and pan of each channel can be edited Formant Shift function
Programs: 256 programs (192 Presets / 64 Users)
Up to eight favorite programs can be registered
Effects: Modulation effects (3 types), Delay (3 types), Equalizer Arpeggiator 6 types
Controllers Real-Time control knob X 4 (3 level Selection),
Arpeggio: 6 types (UP, DOWN, ALT1/2, Random, Trigger), Step Arpeggiator function
Keyboards 37-keys (mini-keyboard, velocity sensitive)
Inputs: AUDIO IN 1 CONDENSER (with MIC/LINE switch, +5V, mini phone jack)
AUDIO IN 1 DYNAMIC (with MIC/LINE switch, 1/4" phone jack)
AUDIO IN 2 LINE (1/4" phone jack)
Outputs: L/MONO, R (1/4" phone jacks)
Headphones (1/4" stereo phone jack)
MIDI: IN, OUT, THRU Amp Output / Speaker 3 W / 4 cm x 1, 0.5 W / 3.5 cm x 2 Display 3 characters x1 line with 8 segment LED
Power Supply: DC 9V (AC adapter), or six AA alkaline batteries (sold separately)
Battery Life Approximately 4 hours or more (when using alkaline batteries)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 524 x 232 x 70 mm / 20.63" x 9.13" x 2.76"
Weight 2.5 kg / 5.51 lbs. (without batteries and included microphone)
Included Items: AC adapter (DC 9V), Condenser Microphone
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