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Latch Lake MicKing 3300 - Chrome
The Patent Pending Latch Lake micKing mic stand and accessories are the first truly original mic stand designs in over 50 years. From the 29 pound Perimeter Mass Distributed ductile iron base to the world's strongest boom clutch, everything about this stand is original.

And with a three section mast, and a three section boom, the micKing folds up smaller and goes taller than any other full size recording studio mic stand. A micKing at full extension is over 22 feet tall, yet the base is only 16 inches in diameter. The horizontal reach of the micKing stand is nearly equal to stands with a base two to three times the size of the micKing base.

The micKing stand is small enough to fit in real world studios, yet tall enough for tough orchestral and choral recording. The micKing is strong enough to hold the heaviest and rarest of vintage microphones. The micKing is made from precision steel tubing that has been drawn over a mandrel to assure straight and uniform tubing wall thickness.

Microphone End: Operates with Latch Lake Lever Locks. Rotates 360°. Wrist tilts 230°.
Boom: 3 piece. Extends from 3.5' to 9.5'
Boom Clutch: Continuously adjustable. The boom clutch is based on the disc brake concept. It is the strongest continuously adjustable boom clutch in the world. It has no teeth. Patent pending.
Counterweight: Adjustable positioning
Latch Lake Lever Locks: Boom and telescoping sections operate on lever lock. They are fast, easier to adjust and hold better. You can tell if they are locked or open by simply looking at them. Patent pending.
Vertical Section: 3 sections enable the stand to go lower than other stands. This section extends from 4' to 10.4'.
Base: 90% of the weight of the 29# ductile iron base is distributed around the edges for increased stability. Multiple bases are capable of overlapping.
Shipping Weight:65 Pounds
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