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To address an increasing demand for more wireless channels in location production, the Octopack combines up to four SRa Series compact receivers into a lightweight, rugged assembly

With self-contained power supply and antenna signal distribution. This powerful production tool provides up to eight audio channels in a tiny package ready to work in applications from production cart to a portable mixing bag.

High quality antenna distribution requires the use of ultra quiet RF amps plus isolated and optimally matched signal paths through the circuitry to ensure equal performance from all connected receivers. In addition, the amplifiers used must be high overload types to avoid generating IM (intermodulation) within the multicoupler itself. Octopack meets these requirements for RF performance.
  • Modular configuration accommodates up to four SRa Series compact receivers
  • High performance antenna multicoupler with isolated outputs
  • Switchable antenna power for remote coaxial RF amplifiers
  • Discrete power distribution with individual protective fusing
  • External DC or onboard battery powering
  • Automatic power source switching triggered by voltage comparator
  • Machined aluminum chassis for sound cart or portable bag use
  • RF Bandwidth (3 versions): Low: 470 to 691 MHz, Mid: 537 to 768 MHz High: 640 to 862 MHz.
    RF Gain: 0 to 2.0 dB across bandwidth
    Output Third Order Intercept: +41 dBm
    1 dB Compression: +22 dBm
    Antenna Inputs: Standard 50 ohm BNC jacks
    Antenna Power: Voltage is passed through from main power source; through a 300 mA polyfuse
    Receiver RF feeds: 50 ohm right angle SMA jacks
    Internal Battery Type: L or M style rechargeable
    External Power Requirement: 8 to 18 VDC; 1300 mA at 8 VDC
    Power Consumption: 1450 mA max. with 7.2 V battery power; (both antenna power supplies on)
    Internal Battery Override: .5 VDC higher than external source
    Dimensions: H 2.75 in. x W 10.00 in. x D 6.50 in. H 70 mm x W 254 mm x D 165 mm
    Weight: Assembly only: 2 lbs., 9 ozs. (1.16 kg), With 4-SRa5P receivers: 4 lbs., 6 ozs. (1.98 kg).
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