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The 960L modular Multi-channel Digital Effects system looks a bit like an oversized video game. The remote control is about the size of a laptop and features a joy stick, big buttons, faders and an angled user-interface screen. The eight motorized faders are touch-sensitive for precise control, while the assignable joystick provides creative parameter control and surround panning far superior to anything you've experienced before. Designed to support multi-channel audio for professional broadcast, film, live and more, the 960L employs Lexicon's exclusive 3DPM Perpetual Modeling technology. This gives you what many consider the most stunningly realistic reverb available, with the ability to create completely realistic spaces. The 960L contains hundreds of factory programs, including the standards like Halls, Chambers, Rooms, Stage and tons more. The whole system is completely hardware/software upgradeable.
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