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Lynx Studio Technology Hilo w/ LT-TB - Black


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Lynx Reengineers the two-channel converter format with innovative features and control. With LT-TB Thunderbolt card. Black

Hilo represents the zenith of Analog conversion, improving on Lynx's famous Aurora converters with state-of-the-art components and design techniques. The innovative design of the analog stage and converter topology allow ultra-low noise and distortion specifications, producing an unprecedented level of clarity and depth-of-image. Much more than a "me too" stereo converter, Hilo actually features three unique sets of analog outputs, each with their own Digital-to-Analog converters, and independent routing. Main Outs, Monitor Outs and Headphone Outs all can feature a unique combination of sources with independent level controls.

Hilo also has an extremely generous set of Digital I/O options. Apart from AD/DA conversion tasks, Hilo is one of the most powerful digital format converters/routers on the market. Digital formats include stereo AES/EBU, Stereo S/PDIF Coaxial, Stereo Optical S/PDIF which is switchable to 8-channel ADAT lightpipe, and 16 channels of USB2 communication to a host computer. Any digital input can be routed to any analog or digital output, and all digital outputs can have unique combinations of source inputs.

The unique 480 x 272 pixel LCD touch screen display makes Hilo stand out from other pro audio converters. Never before has establishing parameters and routing channels been so quick and intuitive in a high-end converter. Not only are clear and accurate meters provided, but the user can select from several meter styles. The Hilo display and features can be updated via simple computer firmware update tools, easily accessible from the Lynx website. Hilo's feature set and display options will evolve in response to user feedback and the imagination of Lynx engineers.

Hilo is also a game changer in terms of flexibility. It is well suited for recording studio use, the home recordist, mastering, audio analysis, home theater/audiophiles, as well as field recording. With AC or battery-powered DC operation, Hilo can be used "for here" or "to go". With its lightweight, portable design, no longer does the discriminating user have to choose between top rung sound quality and convenience.
THD+N -114dB @1kHz, -1dBFS, 20kHz filter
Dynamic Range 121 dB, A-weighted, -60dBFS signal method
Frequency Resp. ± 0.01 dB, 20 - 20kHz
Crosstalk -140 dB maximum @ 1kHz, -1dBFS signal

THD+N -109dB @1kHz, -1dBFS, 20kHz filter
Dynamic Range 121 dB, A- weighted, -60dBFS signal method
Frequency Resp. ± 0.02 dB, 20 - 20kHz
Crosstalk -135 dB maximum @ 1kHz, -1dBFS signal
Niagara region
May 10, 2021
Great Buy
Great little unit packed with tons of futures and connectivity. Really good AD/DA converters as well, amazing audio quality, easy to navigate interface. Hilo is very easy to set up out of the box and a good addition to any level studio or music enthusiast.
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