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Maselec MDS-2

The Maselec MDS-2 is a dual mono, linkable, high frequency limiter which is often used as a De-Esser. It can also replace Acceleration Limiters for vinyl disk cutting. It is housed in a 1U 19" rack mount alloy case. It is primarily intended for use as a de-esser, reducing unattractive high frequencies, with minimum coloration and loss of clarity.

Automatic time constants and optimisation techniques for the gain reduction minimises the number of controls. The advantage is not only simple operation but also increased performance for highly dynamic and inconsistent materials without the need for continuous readjustments.

With wide input range, up to +29dBu input and low noise, the MDS-2 can be used in many different applications.

The side chain can be switched to M-S, which can be used to "zoom" in on high frequencies in the centre of the stereo image. With this function switched in the threshold is 6dB lower for the centre image compared to extreme left and right. The M-S function does not affect the actual audio path.

Maselec MDS-2's specifications

Input dynamic Range : Better than 120dB
Output dynamic range : Better than 120dB
Maximum input level : 129dBu (balanced)
Maximum output level : 129dBu (balanced)
Distortion : Typically less than 0.003%
HF limiter attack time : Programme dependent 1msec to 20msec
Release time : Programme dependent
Input impedance : 100kohm ground floating electronically balanced
Output impedance : 34+34ohm electronically balanced
Threshold : -26dB to +?
Gain : 0dB
H.F. Limiter : >2kHz
Power : 90-130, 180-260 Volts @ 50-60 Hz
Fuse : 315mA, anti surge (slow)

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