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Middle Atlantic ISOCTR-5R-240-2
Middle Atlantic ISOCTR-5R-240-2
IsoCenter Rackmount Isolation Transformer & Load Center

Designed specifically for AV Installations, helps solve and prevent power and grounding issues for critical and sensitive AV installations.
Many electrical issues can arise when designing a system, including ground loops and common-mode/differential-mode high frequency noise. These problems can arise from poor or improper wiring techniques, and from equipment designed with lesser quality common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR). Equipment problems cannot always be resolved, but the IsoCenter system helps prevent the negative effects of all these problems.

IsoCenter Rackmount Isolation Transformer systems provide protected, same-phase, isolated 120VAC circuits to power commercial AV systems.

A newly derived AV reference ground helps prevent ground loops and provides the lowest possible noise floor for high gain applications. Operating at efficiencies greater than 98% and performing an automatic shutdown if hazardous input voltage conditions are detected IsoCenter provides the critical foundation for optimal system performance. Negligible audible noise & negligible magnetic leakage (less than half that of a standard power brick) means that IsoCenter can be installed directly inside the equipment rack, where it is most beneficial.

  • Provides effective AV system isolation from electrical noise such as lighting dimmers
  • Very high efficiency toroidal transformer – greater than 98%
  • Saves labor and material cost by using a higher voltage feeder and integrated power distribution circuit breakers
  • Four 20A branch circuits, two of which are hardwired (select models only), provide the means to extend the ground reference benefits provided by the IsoCenter out to remote systems/locations
  • Newly derived reference ground helps prevent ground loops and provides lowest possible noise floor for high gain applications
  • All circuits on the same phase – not "split 240"
  • 100,000A 2-stage Surge & Spike Protection with dry contact status notification available, protects connected devices against power line surges & spikes
  • Performs an automatic shutdown if hazardous over and under input voltage is detected
  • Negligible magnetic leakage, less than half that of a standard plug in power brick - allows the unit to be installed right in the rack
  • Inaudible acoustical noise (27dB, C-weighted, 1M)
  • Helps prevent impact of voltage induction on ground wire feeder
  • 5KVA capacity is sized for multi-rack systems
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