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Mogami Bulk W2673 is a 7 conductors Complexed Coax cable for Video Camera. Available by the spool only. Price per foot.

These multiple-conductor camera cables are applicable for professional video cameras, steady cams, and anywhere that extremely flexible video cables are needed.

Many of these cables use 50W coaxial video cores to keep them as small and flexible as possible. The 50 spec should not usually be of concern even with 75 equipment because the video wavelength is rather long (66ft/20m). Reflection loss from the impedance mismatch is minimal in cables one wavelength long or shorter. For longer cable lengths, high frequencies, or when attenuation is of utmost importance, choose cables with strictly adjusted 75 coaxial cores.

Available Spool Size:
D - 500 Ft./152 Meters

Available Colors:
00 - Black
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