Mogami W3208 - IEEE 1394 High Performance Firewire


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Mogami Bulk W3208 is a IEEE1394 FireWire cable. Available by the spool only. Price per foot.

IEEE 1394 is a Serial BUS standard designed for use in real-time applications such as sound, video, and animation. This technology was designed by INMOS for their TRANSPUTER and then further developed by APPLE, at which point it was given the name "FIRE WIRE". The IEEE 1394 signal has an intermediate characteristic between serial and parallel transmission. It transmits serial data and clock signal in parallel, and countermeasures cable skew (propagation velocity difference between two pairs) by not changing the clock signal when the data signal changes. This interface requires a new type of cable and connector. It uses high speed real-time transmission with a cable that can be connected and disconnected without turning off any device. It makes it possible to connect freely between multiple terminals without having to consider termination. MOGAMI Part No. W3208-08 is specifically designed for the IEEE 1394 standard, and offers the following features.
  • Low attenuation
  • High propagation velocity
  • Low cable skew

  • Available Spool Size:
    D - 500 Ft./152 Meters

    Available Color:
    08 - Gray
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