Mytek Digital 8X192 ADDA + Pro Tools HDX DIO Card Bundle


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8X192 AD/DA is a flagship Mytek hi-performance mastering converter which offers PCM A/D and D/A conversion for all sampling rates from 44.1k to 192k.

Optional DSD firmware provides DSD (standard 64x) and hi-speed 128x DSD.

8X192 is equipped with two slots for optional 8 channel DIO Cards, Following cards will be available:
  • Firewire DIO-CARD
  • Protools HDX (tm) DIO-CARD
  • USB2.0-DIO Card
  • Madi-DIO Card
  • DSD Sonoma/Meitner-DIO Card
  • Digital format conversion between AES and any of two optional DIO Cards installed
  • True precision mastering grade 1dB per step stepped attenuator
  • Analog mix buss assignable to 4 pairs of stereo channels or 8 mono channels
  • Additional to 8 analog outputs, 2 XLR outputs which can be assigned to any pair of channels or Mix Buss output
  • Hi-current (500mA), hi-speed, low distortion transparent headphone amplifier
  • Internal clock jitter

    Linear 24 bit PCM
    128x oversampling at 44.1/48k
    64x oversampling at 88.2/96/176.4/192k
    64xDSD, 128xDSD

    External sync
    Wordclock in and out. Wordlock Out can be used as house clock: 15 LS TTL loads max.

    Wordclock outputs
    6 separate Wordlock Outs
    to be used as house clock: 15 LS TTL loads max.
    Can be terminated.

    Dynamic range
    ADC: 120dB (A weighted)
    DAC: 123dB (A weighted)

    Analog inputs
    +4dBm balanced or unbalanced, 10kOhm, D25

    Analog outputs
    +4dBm balanced or unbalanced, D25 plus 2 XLR

    Digital inputs
    8 Hi-speed (25-200kHz) AES/EBU
    SPDIF D25

    Digital outputs
    8 Hi-speed (25-200kHz) AES/EBUS
    PDIF D25

    The pinouts of D25 I/O
    connectors are compatible with Protools HD (tm) Digisnakes (tm)

    THD + Noise ADC
    ADC: -106dB (<0.0004%) DAC: -110dB (<0.0003%)

    100/115V-220/240V 50/60Hz switchable

    1 rack space wide x 1U high x 9" deep
    14 pounds

    Headphone output
    Hi-current (500mA), hi-speed, stereo

    Stepped attenuator
    24 steps assignable to phones and XLR outs

    Mix buss
    2x4 pairs or 8 mono, true analog mix buss
    st├ęphane vilar
    paris france
    April 25, 2021
    A surprising machine
    this is a remarkable piece of equipment .
    i think there was a political thinking behind the production of this interface : to offer a top level converter one third the price of the machines able to compete with it .
    the sound is "grandiose" but not the least "exhibitionist" almost severe ... Read more
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