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Mytek Digital Private Q Mixing Station
TheMytek Private Q 12-channel headphone distribution system consists of a distribution/power supply rack, several satellite mixing stations and appropriate amount of snap-on DL-DL cables. Mixing stations mount easily on a mic or music stand and deliver 2x30 Watts of very loud and clear Class A sound. They give musicians comfort and the engineer peace of mind. The Private Q is a self-contained system - no power amps or extra cabling is required. This system is fully portable and can be easily setup in any tracking room.
  • Freedom of individual (12-channel) mixes for each musician
  • Loud and clear Class A sound. (30 Watts per channel unachievable by any other system)
  • Ease of use (5 minutes to set up with snap-on multiwire cables, mic stand mountable)
  • Frees up your console's aux sends
  • High reliability
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