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Take Control of Reason 6 with the Panorama P4!

Take control of Reason 6 like never before with the Nektar Panorama P4 control surface. Created especially for Reason 6, the Panorama P4 is ready take your music creation to another level. Every control feature in Reason 6 is accessible via a large selection pads, faders, encoders, and buttons on this 49-key portable keyboard. A built-in LCD screen even shows you what parameter you are controlling in real time. Take control of Reason 6 like never before with the Nektar Panorama P4 control surface.
  • Command Reason from a single device
  • Channel strip control
  • Reason instruments at your fingertips

  • Command Reason from a single device
    The Nektar Panorama P4 was designed to be the ultimate controller for Reason 6. Every function is accessible from the Panorama P4. This isn't a generic controller, this is hardware built just for Reason. A custom communication protocol was designed to give you unlimited access to Reason 6. From mixer to channel strip to transport controls and instruments, the Nektar Panorama P4 is your complete control surface solution.

    Channel strip control
    Complete channel strip control is built into the Nektar Panorama P4. Reason 6's channels trip is quite long, but the Panorama P4 covers the entire thing. You have access to dynamics, EQ, inserts, sends, and more. A large LCD screen lets you see what functions you are using and what the settings are in real time. You also get a single motorized fader that can be used to control and set your channel automation.

    Reason instruments at your fingertips
    Take control of Reason 6's vast collection of virtual instruments with the Nektar Panorama P4. The 49-key keyboard lets you play synths like a pro, and the 12 pads give you command of percussion patches, loops, and more. Create, record, and perform all the parts of your tunes with the Nektar Panorama P4 control surface.
  • 49 or 61 note weighted (semi-) velocity-sensitive keyboard w/aftertouch
  • 5 velocity curves plus fixed
  • Pitch bend & Modulation assignable wheels
  • Octave shift buttons
  • PB1/2 buttons
  • 4 keyboard zones programmable with controller filters and program changes
  • 5 keyboard maps store all settings

  • Preset Controls
  • 16 encoders
  • 9 45mm faders
  • 10 assignable LED buttons
  • 11 dedicated transport buttons
  • 20 preset locations store all settings including links to keyboard, pad and F-keys maps

  • System Requirements

    Mac OS X 10.6 or higher, Windows Vista, 7 & 8 compatible (Windows XP is not supported at this time).
    Reason 5, 6 and 6.5 supported

    *Two USB ports or external USB power supply required to power entire unit. One USB port powers entire unit with the exception of the motorized fader

  • 12 pads with velocity and pressure sensitivity
  • 7 velocity curves
  • Note-learn,
  • Scale mode with 30+ scales and interval setting
  • Velocity spread functions spreads the selected pad assignment over all 12 pads, at different velocity levels
  • Transpose and Octave shift in both pad-map and scale mode
  • Pads freely assignable in Reason mode
  • Load or Save to any of 20 pad maps

  • F-Keys
  • 11 assignable Function Keys (accessible using shift and tranport keys)
  • Load or Save to any of 10 F-Keys maps
  • F-Keys assignable even in 3 Reason modes

  • Weight & Dimensions

    Panorama P4
  • Dimensions: 33 2/8"(L) x 13"(D) 3 6/8"(H)
  • Weight: 14 Lbs

  • Panorama P6
  • Dimensions: 39 5/8"(L) x 13"(D) 3 6/8"(H)
  • Weight: 17 Lbs

  • Additional
  • 100 mm ALPS motorized fader*
  • 6 dedicated assignable navigation buttons
  • ASCII/QWERTY macros assignable to buttons and pads
  • 3.5" high-resolution TFT display provides incredible navigation and user visibility
  • Incredible Reason implementation that lets you use Reason, as if it's hardware
  • 4 modes when used with Reason switch between Mixer, Instrument, Transport and Internal
  • Presets and setup files for major DAW's and VIs

  • Connections
  • Expression pedal 1/4" jack input (pedal not included)
  • Foot switch (sustain) 1/4" jack input (pedal not included)
  • MIDI output
  • USB port for communication with computer
  • USB Micro B connector for extra and external power*
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