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Neumann U 67 Set

The Neumann U 67 set is well-equipped for virtually any recording task with three selectable polar patterns - omni-directional, cardioid and figure-of-8 and advanced tube circuitry

Its smooth top-end with a subtle tube shimmer makes the U 67 an outstanding vocal microphone for both male and female voices. Due to its essentially linear response in the three polar patterns, the U 67 is also a very versatile microphone for all kinds of instruments such as strings, woodwinds, brass, piano, drums, acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar and upright bass.

On its launch in 1960, the U 67 was quickly adopted as the new studio standard because of its extraordinary versatility and sound quality. The U 67 was the first microphone equipped with the famous K 67 capsule, which has since become associated with "the Neumann sound" and continues to be used in its successor, the U 87 A. No less important is the U 67's masterful tube circuit, which features a clever pre-emphasis/de-emphasis scheme to minimize tube hiss.

The U 67 was also the first microphone to address modern recording techniques such as close miking, with its switchable low-cut filter compensating for the proximity effect occurring at short recording distances.
. U 67 Microphone
. Z 48 Elastic Suspension
. NU 67 V Power Supply
. UC 5 Microphone Cable
. Vintage Neumann Aluminum Case
May 21, 2018
U67 reissue tube
I have owned original U67's which were quite magical microphones.
I have not liked most of the new Neumann products, finding them too hyped in the 5k range. I do own some of the TLM range and have enjoyed them. Particularly The TLM 193's. I was VERY sceptical that Neumann could build a U67 without messing it up with an "improvement". Though I recently purchased U47 FET reissue and really liked it. The U67 reissue is SUPERB. Has all the qualities I could have wished for, sounds magical on vocals acoustic guitar and other acoustic instruments. Well done Neumann!!
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