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Neve 3115 8 Channels Classic Vintage
8 channels of Neve 3115 in a rack.

Made by Rupert Neve in 1970. This channel have the same mic-pre than the famous Neve 1081

  • Class A-B Input
  • Mic & Line Input
  • High EQ at 12k
  • Mid EQ
  • Low EQ
  • High-Pass Filter
  • Reviews
    Mx. Remy Ann David
    Austin, Texas
    August 10, 2016
    Neve 3115 reviews
    This is a classic early 1970s Neve broadcast model. Basically identical to the highly sought after 1081 modules. The differences were the frequencies used on the Equalizer. They sound just fabulous. These are not Class A. They are A/B. They actually have a more aggressive sound for rock 'n roll over the Class A Neve's. Everything that's bad about them back in the day. Is what's good about them, today.

    What most folks don't know. This has a variable gain microphone preamp. As you change gain. It changes the negative feedback loop. This changes the character of the sound. When gain staged correctly, without overloading. They sound beautiful. However, when gain staged too high. The preamp starts to go a little nonlinear. It starts to saturate the output transformer. And then it makes magic! By doing that. Ya can forget about using the EQ or any external limiters. It's that magical sounding. I should know. I've been using my console for 32 years. And I've got 24 of those. I used to have 48. But I sold that console. I had two consoles. You can't go wrong with these. You want these.
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    For more information about the 3115 8 Channels Classic Vintage, please visit the website of Neve
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