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USB-C Compatible audio interface with integrated loopback mixer, onboardeffects, and Stream Mix mode for streaming, podcasting, music creation and more

Your partner from studio to stream.
Flexible and versatile, Revelator io24 is the only audio interface designed for both recording and streaming. Get polished, professional results thanks to PreSonus XMAX-L microphone preamps and onboard processing that will make your stream, podcast, or recording stand out. Revelator io24's intuitive loopback mixer makes adding backing tracks, sound effects, or Skype interviews quick and easy. Produce a great mix for your stream fast with Stream Mix mode. Whether you're producing your latest YouTube video or streaming your music live on Facebook, Revelator io24 is your partner from studio to stream.

No-fuss loopback audio when you need it.
Revelator io24's simple loopback mixer makes it easy to add backing tracks to your live stream performance or conference in a Zoom caller to your podcast. With two dedicated stereo channels just for loopback audio on both macOS and Windows, you'll mix and record the audio from two different applications, along with both channels of your Revelator io24-all at the same time. Stream and record to Studio One (or your application of choice) simultaneously!

Stream Mix Mode
Only Revelator io24 is both an audio interface and a streaming mixer. Out of the box, Revelator io24 is a great-sounding audio interface with powerful onboard DSP (digital signal processing). When you're ready to stream, engage Stream Mix mode-and with the click of a button, your complete mix of your analog inputs, loopback channels, reverb, and effects is routed directly to USB, where you can easily send it to your streaming software. No complex routing or extra hardware required.

Great sound made easy.
Polish your sound with dedicated onboard processing featuring the same State-Space Modeled sonic enhancements as our award-winning StudioLive Series III mixers. Professionally crafted presets make your voice or guitar stand out with a single click. Additional effects let you emulate concert halls, AM radio, or Venusian armadas to completely transform your sound.

Proven, professional preamps.
More than 25 years of studio-grade design experience is inside Revelator io24. Two XMAX-L mic preamps capture even the most complex musical harmonics smoothly and naturally, with no audible distortion, so your microphones will sound their best. Instrument and line inputs let you connect all of your gear. A Stereo Link option provides even more flexibility.

Wherever sound takes you.
Want to take your sound with you on a gig or go mobile with an SD recorder or DSLR No problem. Just save your favorite presets onboard your Revelator, and you can use its preamps and your customized settings just like you would on your computer. Because the processing is built into the Revelator io24, you'll have your presets wherever sound takes you.

Remote control.
Wireless remote control via UC Surface for iPadOS, Windows, and Android? devices means you get touchscreen control over all of your Revelator io24's features. Your processing and loopback mixes are at your fingertips. Just connect your favorite tablet to the same network as your computer, and you're good to go!

Stress-free recording.
When you have the right tools, any job is faster and easier to finish. That's why we included high-resolution input and output metering on the Revelator io24, allowing you to keep an eye on your input and mix levels when you're recording by yourself.

Hear better.
Revelator io24's easy-to-use mixer also lets you create a custom zero-latency monitor mix fast. Independent levels for the Headphone and Main outputs (plus a Mute option for the latter) make it easy to switch between mixing on studio speakers and monitoring on headphones. You can even create a separate mix just for your headphones!

Tools that grow with you.
We've included our Studio One Artist production and recording software, which makes it easy to polish your recordings with its lightning-fast drag-and-drop workflow and full-featured production environment. Whether you're recording a complete album or just adding bumpers to your podcasts, Revelator io24 and Studio One Artist give you everything you need to get professional results.
  • Add Revelator power and flexibility to any XLR microphone
  • 2 XMAX-L mic preamps with +48V phantom power for professional XLR mics and crystal-clear sound
  • 2 high-headroom instrument inputs to record guitar, bass, and your favorite line-level devices, plus MIDI I/O
  • 2 stereo loopback streams for mixing audio from Zoom, Skype, backing tracks, and more
  • Professionally-crafted presets make you sound like a pro at the press of a button-or design, save, and share your own
  • Stream Mix mode lets you create a complete stereo mix with Revelator io24 hardware inputs, effects, two channels of loopback audio, and reverb and send it to your streaming software.
  • Professional metering let you keep an eye on your mix without missing a beat
  • Dedicated reverb bus to add shimmer to your live stream performances
  • Customize and sculpt your sound with EQ, Compression, and more using the same processing found in award-winning StudioLive Series III mixers
  • Bus-powered and small for easy portability-bring Revelator processing to wherever sound takes you
  • Over $1000 worth of software including Studio One Artist, Ableton Live Lite, and Studio Magic Suite.
  • Use touchscreen control from your tablet or phone with UC Surface to control Revelator io24 wirelessly
  • Microphone Preamps
    Type : XLR female, balanced
    Frequency Response : (+0.1dB/-0.3 dB, unity gain, unwtd) 20 Hz - 20 kHz
    Input Impedance (Balanced) : 1.4k
    THD+N (1 kHz, -1 dBFS, min gain) : 0.009% (1 kHz, -1 dBFS, min gain)
    EIN (A-wtd, 150, max gain) : -126 dBu
    Gain Control Range (± 1 dB) : 60 dB
    Max Input Level (±0.5 dBu, min gain) : +10 dBu
    Phantom Power (10 mA total) : +48 VDC
    Instrument Inputs
    Type : ¼" TS female, unbalanced
    Frequency Response (+0.1dB/-0.3 dB, unity gain, unwtd) : 20 Hz - 20 kHz
    Input Impedance : 1M
    Gain Range : 50 dB
    Maximum Level : +10 dBu (min. gain)
    Main Outputs
    Type : ¼" TRS female
    Maximum Level (1 kHz, unity gain, z-balanced) : +10 dBu
    Frequency Response (+0.1dB/-0.3 dB, unity gain, unwtd) : 20 Hz - 20kHz
    THD+N (1 kHz, -1 dBFS, unity gain) : 0.003%
    Headphone Outputs
    Maximum Power : 40 mW / channel @56
    Frequency Response (+0.1dB/-0.5 dB, unity gain, unwtd) : 20 Hz - 20 kHz
    THD+N (1 kHz, 0 dBFS, loaded) : 0.01%
    Impedance Working Range : 32 to 300
    Audio Interface
    Type : USB-C? Compatible USB 2.0
    Sample Rates : 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz
    Bit Depth : 24 bit
    ADC Converter Range : 105 dB
    DAC Converter Range : 105 dB
    Hardware : Direct Monitor Balance, Main Output Level, Headphone Level, Mic Level, Mute, Preset Select, Return
    Software : Mic Gain, Stereo Link, Loopback Mixes, Monitor Mix, Preset Management, Stream Mix Mode
    Onboard DSP Options
    PreSonus StudioLive Fat Channel Processing : High Pass Filter, Noise Gate / Expander, 3 Compressor models, 3 EQ models, and Limiter
    Digital Loopback Mixer : 8 input digital mixer, 3 stereo loopback mixes, stereo monitor mix
    Voice Effects : Doubler, Vocoder, Ring Modulator, Comb Filter, Detuner, Delay, Reverb
    Height : 2.5" (63.5 mm)
    Depth : 6.25" (158.75 mm)
    Width : 6.25" (158.75mm)
    Weight : 2 lbs (0.91 kg)
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